Dear Women: Don’t Rush To Get Married—Wait To Find The Right Partner

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“My decade transformation.

I hesitated sharing this, but after talking to a friend this morning I decided I needed to.

Too many girls are rushing this life and ruining theirs.

This is why marrying the right man matters.

The girl on the left is not confident at all.

She’s hived up feeling like she’s running out of time and options and just wants to get her life started so she can be a mom.

Even her smile is nervous.

She’s marrying the only man she’s ever really known, had even dated him 7 years.

But her gut is telling her something isn’t right with him, but she doesn’t know what.

Fast forward to this girl in the right.

Her posture speaks volumes about how confident she is with herself and her choices.

She knows she’s marrying the man God created for her, even if he’s a little stubborn sometimes (haha).

She knew she would marry him even before their first date.

No hives at all. (And if you know me, I’m always hived when I’m nervous or mad).

She knows her heart is safe and she is loved.

She knows he is faithful and loyal and will not once make her feel inadequate.

You just glow brighter when you’re loved properly.

Girls, stop being the girl on the left.

Stop rushing to get your life started.

Wait for the one God made for you.

I would give ANYTHING to go back and talk some sense into my 20-year-old self.

Spend years alone enjoying your life until you find the one.

I’m so thankful I got my second chance.

Do not follow society’s timeline, follow yours.”

Courtesy of Whitney Casebolt Branham

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Whitney Casebolt Branham of Kentucky. You can follow her journey on Facebook and Instagram. Submit your own story here.

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