‘I heard him say to his sister Ellie, ‘I’m going to save these for you. We can all have chocolate for my birthday!’ I swelled with pride.’: Mom explains why teaching kids to share is a ‘priority’

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“In our home we have always made sharing a priority.
We talk about being a team and working together. Unity is a big thing to us (as well as celebrating our individuality).

When one of us goes to get a drink or a snack, we offer to get one for the others.
If one of us goes to the store, we ask what others would like.
If we get a treat, we share it.
If we play a game, everyone is welcome to join in.

I’ve never bought three of anything, I buy one item between them, because it’s always seemed like a waste to me to buy 3 ‘so they don’t fight.’
Even at Christmas we tend to do shared gifts (unless there’s something they wanted that their siblings didn’t).

And this has led to something amazing.

Today my son woke up to presents. He got a large chocolate and balloon bouquet, money and a few lovely gifts.

Right away he shared out his chocolate, giving some to the girls and his dad and I. ‘Chocolate for my birthday breakfast.’

Courtesy of Nic Bescoby

Next he gave his sisters a balloon for their bedroom.

Throughout the day anytime he took chocolate or sweets from his bouquet or the box his aunty brought him later, he offered the rest of the family some too.

He put some away, not for himself, but to share later as part of a game night.

He even shared the kinder eggs and their toys out between them, and gave his sister a kinder toy he had opened because he knew she would love it.

He was choosing some items on the PlayStation store and offered to buy his sisters a game each on their tablets so they could enjoy new games too.

… And I think I swelled with pride.

We have never FORCED them to share.
We’ve just always modeled it, talked about it, and DONE it.
So it’s completely normal to them to be open hearted, with each other and with others.

I couldn’t be more proud.”

Courtesy of Nic Bescoby

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