‘I know you wonder where your place is. You ask, ‘Should I be here?’ ‘Is this right for me?’ ‘Am I welcome?’: Woman reminds us ‘your place is anywhere you want to be’

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“Hey you.

I know you wonder where your place is…

You ask,

‘Should I be here?’

‘Is this right for me?’

‘Am I welcome?’

‘Have I earned the right to be here?’

Let me tell you, hunny…

Your place —

it’s anywhere you are;

it’s anywhere you want to be;

it’s any place you take and park yourself.


in the classroom,
on the team,
on the stage,
at the table,
and in your family.

In the interview room,
in the dressing room,
at the party,
at the afterparty.

In the board room,
at the altar,
in the labor room,
in a room full of people,
in a room by yourself.

At the podium,
in the audience,
in the green room,
in your own room.

Your place? Are you wondering where that is?

Where do you want to be?

Did you answer?

That’s your place — now take yourself there and enjoy the hell out of it.

My place?

Right now it’s with her, her brother and sister and my husband, and quite frankly, it’s my favorite place.”

Mom takes selfie with her daughter while encouraging her to be herself
Courtesy of Nicole Merritt

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