‘I noticed a young black boy walking into our yard. Something was strange. Then, I realized he had his hands up.’: Man urges ‘we need to do better’ after heartbreaking encounter with boy

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“So, we’re sitting here having lunch, and we notice a kid walking across the street into our yard. A young black boy. Maybe 10 years old.

Something was strange, then I realized he had his hands up.

What was he doing? Picking up a ball that had rolled into our yard. He walked so slowly, looking straight ahead. He looked nervous.

It struck me so much that I wanted to go out and tell him he was safe. Then I was worried that I might scare him by going out there.

He’s ten. Getting his ball. He has already learned to make himself look less threatening. He’s ten. He’s black and male.

What have we done, folks?

This should never be the norm.

How have we accepted a little boy living with that level of fear? We’ve gotta do better.

We have got to live in more recognition that we did this. White people.

My daughter, just a couple of years younger than this little fella, is scared of bees. He’s scared a white man might hurt him.

That can’t be our norm. For the love of all that is decent and right, it can’t.

I can’t even wrap my head fully around this, but I know we have to do better.

Love everybody. Reach out beyond your comfort zones.

We’re seeing too much hate, too much fear.

Today, its getting a ball in a neighbor’s yard, tomorrow its getting shot while jogging. Or driving. Or sleeping. It feels too heavy.

Let’s make it our goal to create a world where the little black kid across the street can get his ball, with his hands down.”

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