‘Today I woke up from my fight with one pandemic, and turned on the news to be reminded of another pandemic entirely.’: Mom recovering from Covid-19 says ‘America has a RACISM PANDEMIC’

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“I am weary. My heart is broken. I have woken up from my fight with one pandemic…and turned on the news to be reminded of another pandemic entirely.

Ahmaud Arbery. Murdered in cold blood, his name becoming yet another hashtag. There would be no justice, no mention of his murder, if video evidence had not emerged.

Christian Cooper. Threatened by a white woman in Central Park who didn’t want to put her dog on a leash. She called the police and hysterically claimed that her life was in danger.

Arguably, the only thing that kept him safe was his cell phone, recording the entire interaction.

And today, George Floyd. Murdered by a Minneapolis Police Officer who kneeled on his neck as he begged for oxygen. “I can’t breathe.” His nose was bleeding as he died in broad daylight.

Bystanders pleading for his release.

Friends, America has a RACISM PANDEMIC that is claiming the lives of our black brothers and sisters at a horrifying rate. There is no excuse for the terror black America is living under every day. Hate has diseased our heart so deeply that we rarely stop to mourn our black children anymore. How many headlines this year? Can you remember all of their names?

Black Lives Matter.

There should be no need for a movement by this name, but here we are. It should shatter our hearts that it is necessary for black America to mobilize their efforts for something as simple as a safe existence.

How callous is America’s soul? My God, we are so broken.

When a black child is stolen from us, EVERY mother’s heart should bleed.

When police suffocate a black man in the middle of a city street, without a single officer intervening, EVERY citizen should be outraged.

Black lives matter.
Black lives matter.
Black lives matter.

I’m telling you, this racism pandemic is a danger to all of us. Not a single person is immune.

We have been learning a lot about pandemics lately, haven’t we? We know that there are silent carriers who help the spread of disease.

Let me be clear: If you aren’t demanding justice for black America in your news feed, in your community, in your politics, in your church—-

Then you are little more than a silent carrier in the Racism Pandemic.

You are either part of the cure or part of the virus.

Please, friends. Fight for the cure.

Speak out. Step up. Leverage your privilege. Donate your money. Make angry phone calls. Amplify the voices calling for justice.

Black lives matter.

And until that truth is reflected in every city, every police force, every court room, every workplace…

We have work to do.”

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