My Summer Body Will Not Be Measured By What I Lose, But By Everything I’ll Gain In My Summer Of ‘Yes’

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“I don’t know about you,

But it feels like all I see on social media this time of year is:

Summer body this,

summer body that.

Those who want it.

Those who are working on it.

And those who are giving up on it.

…And it was driving me BONKERS.

That is,

Until I realized that I, too, want a summer body.

A summer body that will enjoy watermelon, and berries, and a Friday night s’more.

A summer body that will share food, drinks, and laughter with friends, while our children play on the nearby trampoline.

A summer body that will eat corner store ice cream with my littles, in the middle of a hot, sunny day.

A summer body that will swim at the local watering hole with my children.

(Or a summer body that will sit and relax on the beach and just watch those children swim in the local watering hole. You know, depending on the day.)

A summer body that will enjoy eating a barbecue dinner with my family, al fresco style, of course.

A summer body that will sit in awe of a July sunrise, and sit in gratitude of an August sunset.

A summer body that will share a glass of wine with my husband on the front deck, once we’ve tucked in our sun-kissed babies to bed.

A summer body that will sit by a campfire and roast all the finer foods (cooked on a stick, of course).

A summer body that will walk wooden trails, and water shorelines.

A summer body that will appreciate an ice-cold glass of water in the midday heat yet would also appreciate an ice-cold beer.

A summer body that will wear a pretty sundress on a summer’s eve’ date night with my husband, even if it is just to get groceries.

A summer body that will wear yoga pants (that should no longer be seen in public) while on a camping trip with my babies.

A summer body that will push swings at the playground. Higher. And higher. And higher again.

A summer body that will sit in cars for road trips and stand in lines at the local fair.

A summer body that will experience the breeze on my face, the sand on my feet…and the occasional mosquito bite.

So, yes, I guess I do want a summer body after all.

But unlike that social media talk,

The value of this gal’s summer body will not be determined by size, by weight, nor by inches.

Not a chance.

You see, Friends,

My summer body will not be measured by what I lose…

But by everything I’ll gain, in my ‘summer of yes.’”

Courtesy of Heather Delaney

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