‘I tiptoed into my daughter’s room to play tooth fairy. I saw a note from her big sister. ‘Why do fairy’s not show themselves? Could you please take a selfie? My iPad is in the room. Swipe right!’

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“There are these moments with our kids that seem so monumental: crawling, walking, potty training, moving out of a crib, or preschool graduation. But nothing could prepare me for the first tooth falling out.

I know everyone thinks their kid is brilliant, but ours really is.

Courtesy of Kristen Hewitt

As I tiptoed into my six-year-old daughter’s room to play tooth fairy, I saw a note from her, as well as one from our older daughter. They never leave notes, so this was a first! And then I saw her big sister’s iPad was there, and I was super confused. The note reads:

Dear Hewitt Tooth Fairy,

Thank you for watching over us and our teeth! By us I mean me and Emy! Obviously I was wondering, why do fairy’s (and sparrows) not show themselves to people? My password is 2009 on my iPad in Emy’s room if you could please take a selfie! If you don’t want to type in my password just swipe right. PLEASE, Lila, P.P.S What’s your name?

Courtesy of Kristen Hewitt

Yep. She hijacked our little one’s tooth fairy visit and is asking for proof. A selfie. Complete with her iPad and password. And if the tooth fairy can’t read cursive, no biggie, she wrote it in print as well. I couldn’t stop laughing.

I snapped a pic and texted it to my husband who was out of town and we both were super impressed. I mean, if you want proof that the tooth fairy exists, why wouldn’t you ask the tooth fairy for a selfie?!

My husband and I talked about me putting on a wig, wings, and adding a bright light behind me to actually take a selfie. We also looked at tooth fairy apps, but that just made the lie even worse in my opinion. So, I went with a letter because a note from Tabitha the Tooth Fairy totally isn’t lying.

I wrote:

Well, as you know, if a tooth fairy is seen, they lose their magic flying powers. I don’t know what an iPad is because they don’t have that type of technology in Tooth Fairy-Ville!

The girls were shocked to learn that the tooth fairy didn’t know what an iPad was, so they wrote her another note asking if they could be pen pals. This is the magical part of childhood I love SO much. Seeing the world through my kids’ eyes. The unexpected ways their minds work, their curiosity, their trust, and their pure innocence.

I’m savoring these last moments where they still believe. I know that time is ticking by quickly. I do feel a bit of guilt for not telling her the truth, but man I love the magic of childhood. Needless to say, my daughter received money and a bonus piece of candy for her superior Nancy Drew sleuthing skills.”

Courtesy of Kristen Hewitt

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