‘I used to avoid social gatherings because I was so scared to be seen in a swimsuit. I would sit outside the pool, fully clothed, as my kids begged me to have fun with them.’: Woman urges ‘you are more than what you look like in a swimsuit’

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“As we approach swimsuit season, please remember that how you look in a swimsuit does not define you.

There was a time that I would avoid social gatherings because I was so scared to be seen in a swimsuit.

Or, I would sit in a chair outside of the pool fully clothed as my kids would beg me to come have fun with them.

I missed out on so much. I missed out on moments that I can never get back.

Finally, I realized enough is enough.

My kids, my family, my (true) friends, absolutely do not care how I look in a swimsuit, and I will bet you my next paycheck that yours don’t either.

You are more to them than what you look like in a swimsuit. Repeat that.

As women…

We’ve birthed babies.

We’ve worked our butts off exercising 4 days a week to feel strong.

We’ve eaten healthy.

We’ve eaten like crap.

We’ve gotten married.

We’ve gotten divorced.

We’ve stayed single.

We’ve been stay at home moms.

We’ve gone to work and excelled in our careers.

We’ve gone through hell and back…

and we ALL have the right to wear whatever dang swimsuit we want.

If we have learned anything through these past few months, life is to be lived. Live yours with zero apologies!”

Courtesy of Jillian Bush

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