‘I was driving out of the parking lot when I saw you hunched over, tears running down your face. Your husband was holding you, and I knew instantly.’: Mom pens letter to grieving mama

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“To the woman I saw crying in the parking lot of the OBGYN’s office this morning:

I saw you in the waiting room first. You were sitting to my right. I noticed your husband was there with you, and I guess that should have told me something was going on, because partners aren’t necessarily allowed right now.

But I wasn’t really paying attention, either. I was too busy taking a photo of the 28-week ultrasound photo I had just received to send to my husband.

Looking back, I assume you were watching me. I’m sorry, I didn’t know.

Minutes later, you were called back to ultrasound while I worried about how much weight I had gained in the last 4 weeks.

Then I saw you again, an hour later. I was driving out of the parking lot, when I saw you hunched over in the parking lot, leaning on your husband. He was holding you. Tears were running down your face.

And I knew instantly. I was you 10 years ago.

This was me ten years ago. 27 years old. First pregnancy. Hours before my ultrasound. We had already heard the heartbeat so I wasn’t nervous.

I was in my second trimester, so excited for my first baby. My husband and I knew nothing of loss and went to the appointment completely unaware.

When the ultrasound tech turned the screen away, I knew. When the doctor came in and said there was no longer a heartbeat it was real. He tried to reassure me this just happens. And we could try again. But I refused to listen.

When they sat me in the waiting room with the happy pregnant women, like I was moments prior, I found it hard to even speak.

I felt empty and numb. I felt like a failure. I felt alone. I felt broken.

Even today, it is hard for me to truly describe the feeling of a loss of a baby you already love.

I don’t know your story or if I ever will. But please know, you are not alone. There are so many of us who understand the emotional pain and grief of losing a baby. Lean on us. Let us help you through this.

And know what you are feeling, the pain, is very real and valid. Some may say it’s not. I remember the sting of their words 10 years later. Don’t listen to them, friend.

The loss of my first baby changed me. And I still think about it today. This will change you, too. In more ways than one.

Give yourself time and grace to get through this. I am sorry. And I understand.”

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Courtesy of KT Swenson

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