‘Jagger, what are you eating?!’ He was smirking with pink stuff near his mouth. ‘Ohhh noo!’: Mom hilariously urges ‘keep laxatives out of reach of your children’ 

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“I’m pretty good about keeping things out of the sight and reach of my kids. My two-year-old is definitely my more mischievous child. I have to keep a constant eye on him. Here’s an example of why he can’t be left alone for more than two minutes.

Four days ago, he went into my bathroom and destroyed ALL of my makeup. I just bought a new eyeshadow pallet. I had it for two weeks, and now it was completely ruined. Lipstick on the wall, eyeliner and mascara left open and dried out. It was a mess. We have figured out we need to lock both doors going into the bathroom and have a quarter nearby to open them.

Courtesy of Taylor Bjorgum

It’s been working great until yesterday when Macy (my 4-year-old daughter) had to pee. So, I opened the door for her, then I went to switch my load of laundry downstairs. She left the bathroom door wide open.

Jagger (my two-year-old son) got in that bathroom so quick, without any hesitation. (I’m assuming because I was only gone for 2.5 minutes.) When I made it back upstairs, I saw him smirking with pink stuff near his mouth.

Courtesy of Taylor Bjorgum

‘Jagger, what are you eating!?’

Jagger smirked, pointed to his mouth, and said, ‘Can, Mama.’

He was chewing something, and I knew it wasn’t food or gum. It took me 10 seconds to scoop whatever it was out of his mouth.

‘Gross, Jagger, what the heck is this junk?’

I had zero clue what he ate that looked like that. I ran into the bathroom and found medicine spilled out in the drawer.

‘Ohhh noo!’

I walked back to him and his sister. ‘Jags, you’re not supposed to eat these!’

He ate Macy’s freaking chewable LAXATIVES.

He’s the kid who needs ZERO assistance when it comes to pooping.

Just the fact that he found them, lined up those arrows on the bottle, and then opened the bottle is unreal.

So, long story short — he’s been pooping like crazy today, his poor little butthole is sore, and he wants a bunch of snuggles.

After the 8th diaper change, Jagger kept repeating

‘No med-C mama. No, no med-c.’ (med-c is medicine)

Courtesy of Taylor Bjorgum

It only took him 8 diaper changes and a flaming red butthole to grasp that he shouldn’t have eaten that ‘candy.’

Oh, and get this! Today, I woke up to the sound of him sharting in his crib. Cue me dreading getting up, and the constant ‘F my life’ sentences that followed. Not really how I pictured starting my day. I will say this, I’m just happy it stayed in the diaper!

The joys of motherhood.

Courtesy of Taylor Bjorgum

Moral of the story, keep laxatives out of reach of your children. Or you might have a ‘dumb and dumber’ situation like myself. Thankfully, it was just a laxative and nothing serious.

PS – Yes, I’m keeping up with his fluid intake, and he’s eating like normal. He’s not dehydrated, and I’m monitoring him closely. All of our medication is on top of the fridge, and now so are the laxatives in the bathroom.”

Courtesy of Taylor Bjorgum

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