‘Both our kids suddenly had a very high temperature. Then the dry cough started and in that second, I knew what we were dealing with.’: Siblings test positive for coronavirus, ‘Please don’t take this lightly’

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“Hey friends. Corona is here. Corona is real.

We are a fit and healthy family. We love being in nature together and we love to exercise. We do set some crazy exercise goals every now and then, but this is just us. We mainly eat well but we also love to treat ourselves with a burger and a beer every now and then.

I have been thinking about making this post for a while but I have to share our last few days with you in the hope it will wake one or two people up to the importance of staying home and also having your kids not mingle and play with other kids as if nothing is going on in this current situation.

Both our kids suddenly started with a very high temperature, which was strange. Usually one gets sick and then the other a few days later. Never had both have an illness at the same time like clockwork. The temps didn’t come down even after meds. Then the dry cough started and in that second, I knew what we are dealing with. That alone was a process in itself.

Many phone calls involved. At the pediatrician we called in and with all precautions taken, we took a test. They were just fabulous and very helpful. The doctor came out in full protection gear to test them. We all stayed home in that time of waiting. 48 hours later the confirmation, Coronavirus. Our kids have been symptom free and healthy up to the minute they got so unwell.

It has also not been just like a cold, or as they say, ‘Kids don’t really get sick.’ We are now in isolation in hospital and the kids aren’t well. Their blood count just came back worse then yesterday so no improvement but the opposite.

We are only seen a few times during the day as they don’t want to come in contact too much which is a great way to protect the medical staff. And if they do, there is a long process for staff to come in as of course, they need to protect themselves.

We are very grateful the way we are looked after. Nobody really has too many answers though as we all still learning about this virus. Two doctors may tell you a different thing. Health authorities say this and you speak to a different person and get a different answer and very little information gets to people that ask the questions.

Please don’t take this slightly and stay within your family. It’s really not that bad to stick with those you love.

Don’t say you are not afraid of getting it, you really don’t know what you are dealing with.

If this is what happens to healthy kids that are meant to ‘not get very sick’ I hate to think of those with preconditions.

Let’s all be part of protecting EVERYBODY!!!! Especially those more vulnerable.

Please send a prayer to our Fred and Charlotte.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and please stay well and healthy.”

Courtesy of Bettina R.

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