‘Men with dad-bods make better husbands. Muscly, hard men are not comfortable. Mr. dad-bod is comfy as hell! He got so much cushion you’ll think you’re riding in a Bentley.’

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“Men with dad-bods make better husbands… and Instagram is a lying piece of sh*t. By exploring family dynamics such as time, sleep and ‘more cushin for the pushin’; this very well written professional (and possibly TED talk material) essay will assist all women everywhere in understanding why the man in their life with the dad-bod is so much better than the dudes online with rock solid abs.

The man in your life has a dad-bod because he is time-poor. He is time-poor because he tries his best to juggle the family responsibilities with you. He ain’t fat. He just a little chubby who’s always rushing. The guy at the gym eating his lean diet has plenty of time. Plenty of time to run around cheating on ya, no doubt. With those abs and big arms, I bet he is just waiting to slide into the DM’s of some instachick. Well, not ‘ole chubby-guts!

Sleep is a big issue when you have kids. Chubby-gut barely gets 6 hours. And he is doing that, so you can take it in turns when the kids wake up. Because we are all in this hell together. The guy with the abs needs at least 8 hours. That’s two hours less sleep you’re going to get just for the price of abs. Non to mention, it only takes two hours a day to get abs anyway. Well, not your man. He is putting in a solid 18 hours into parenting and work. He’s so dedicated!

Lastly, I’d like to address comfort. Muscly hard men are not comfortable. They ain’t good to ‘snuggle’ with. They be all like – driving an old car with crappy suspension. All noise and speed and almost die at every speed bump. Well don’t you worry because Mr. dad-bod is comfy as hell! He got so much cushion you’ll think you’re riding in a Bentley.

It’s easy to get caught up looking at firemen calendars and Instagram thinking everyone else is sexy. Just don’t forget about the little chubby guy who makes your life better.

In summary… your man is better because:

a) Nobody else wants him and he’s safe
b) You will get more sleep with him around; and,
c) Why die in a race car when you can ride the bus

This essay has hopefully addressed the fact that your chubby husband is still the sexiest guy you know.

You’re welcome, lads!”

Man stands smiling outside with baby swaddled to his chest and two young boys by his side

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