‘My 4 year old said, ‘I don’t want to grow up and get bigger. I don’t want to have to worry like you.’ It knocked the wind right out of my chest.’: Mom battling anxiety says ‘in these weird times, let’s be the calm in their storm’

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“I’ve had anxiety longer than I can remember, but nothing compares to mom anxiety.

You have your own anxiety and then you’re #blessed with responsibilities of tiny beings you handmade.

It Doesn’t. Ever. Stop.

It’s not just a special occasion, like say, a pandemic that really gets the anxiety working overtime.

It’s the everyday.

I am medicated, and I participate in self-care in a number of ways to cope with my anxiety.

I am far better than I was before all of those things, but I still worry (SHOCKING) that I’m projecting my anxiety.

I got a heartbreaking reminder tonight that I need to do better.

My four year old told me he didn’t want to grow up and get bigger. Wanna know the reason?

He doesn’t want to have to worry like me.

Yup. He’s already worried about being worried. He’s FOUR.

It knocked the wind right out of my chest.

After I ugly cried, I decided to make a shift in my mentality.

Be more mindful of adult conversations around little ears.

Lower my stress and anxiety so they remember me as happy and their calm place to land rather than demonstrating poor coping mechanisms so they go down the same rabbit hole of anxiety.

Tomorrow’s a new day. In these super weird times, let’s choose to be their calm in this storm. At least, try the best we can.”

Courtesy of Kaleigh Henzler

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