‘Nothing as grown-up as putting $1.67 on your Visa. I could feel Dave Ramsey’s disappointment wash over me.’: Woman realizes your ‘worth doesn’t change’ after embarrassing moment in drive-through

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“Sometimes it’s hard for me to fully-function as an adult. I try, y’all. I really do, and I do a mostly decent job of pulling it off.

No, I don’t make my bed in the mornings, and sometimes I drop off the kids at school in the same shirt I slept in, but the clothes are mostly clean. Bodies are mostly clean. Teeth are mostly clean. House is…sometimes clean. And besides, my kids will be better, stronger and more resilient because they had an embarrassing mom. That, my friend, is just science.

But the other day I needed a cold drink. It was so hot outside, and I was so thirsty, and I just felt a stirring in my soul saying ‘stop at Sonic, girl, and get you a Route 44. Think about that tiny crunchy ice. You deserve it.’ I am not one to ignore heart whispers, so I stopped, thinking I had enough change to buy it in my center console thingy.

But I thought wrong. Nothing as grown-up as putting $1.67 on your Visa. I could feel Dave Ramsey’s disappointment wash over me as I dug through my wallet to find my card.

I looked through my car at least five or six times, trying to come up with enough change to pay, but I was a full dollar short, so I whipped out my card, sipped my ice-cold bubbly beverage, drove off, and never thought about it again.

Then today I was looking for something in my car, and do you know what I found hidden among the pennies and nickels and wrappers and old receipts? A Susan B. Anthony one-dollar coin—exactly what I’d needed the whole time. It was right there in front of my face, and I totally missed it.

Here’s the thing: I didn’t see it at all. I didn’t see its value, or its potential. I was blind to it all completely, but its worth never changed. Its worth wasn’t contingent on me whatsoever.

Let me repeat that: ITS WORTH NEVER CHANGED.

And neither does yours.

People can reject you. People can overlook you. People can doubt you. People can criticize you. People can question you. People can talk bad about you. People can brush you off. People can run you down.

But they can’t determine your worth, and they sure as heck can’t take it away.

Your worth isn’t in the hands of others. Your worth is in the hands of God, and it doesn’t vary. It doesn’t give way. It doesn’t sway back and forth in the wind.

Don’t you dare for two seconds doubt yourself or diminish your ability because someone somewhere failed to see all that you are, or all that you are capable of accomplishing or becoming. Don’t you dare for two seconds question your ability to have and maintain strong friendships because someone somewhere didn’t like you, include you, or invite you.

Don’t you dare for two seconds forget that God made you with purpose, and on purpose and for a purpose. Don’t you dare for two seconds believe that you are here by accident or mere coincidence. Don’t you dare for two seconds hide away or shrink away from your gifts or your talents or your God-given calling.

Don’t you dare for two seconds wonder about your worth.

People are fickle, but girl, my friend, my sister—God is faithful, and He says you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Take that truth and tuck it away and stop trading in your God-given worth for someone else’s opinions.”

Courtesy Amy Weatherly

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