‘You used to wear makeup. Now you’re wearing spit up. Laundry day is now laundry life. That first baby will have you questioning your sanity.’: Woman pens letter to new mommas, ‘You’re going to be just fine’

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“Hey new momma. You, yeah you.

The one with the old T-shirt and hair that could use a wash or two. The one who’s organized life has been completely flipped upside down.

You used to wear makeup. Now you’re wearing spit up.

You used to have laundry day. Now it’s a laundry life.

You probably never knew reheating a single cup of coffee could happen THAT many times.

You’re probably wondering when you’ll feel brave enough to take the baby on an outing with confidence.

You’re wandering around delirious, hoping someday you’ll sleep a full night again.

You’re digging for pacifiers in the most unthinkable spaces.

But guess what? You’re in good company. So, new momma, let’s have a chat. Welcome to motherhood, first of all. It really is a joyful thing. Joyful, chaotic, stressful… but joyful. Your eyes are puffy, and your emotions are erratic. You’re accidentally putting gas drops in your coffee and trying to start the car with a wubanub. You’re probably awake at 2 a.m. wondering how some of us have three or four of these screamy little things.

You don’t exactly love your body right now, but girl, you should. You just carried a human life inside of you for 9 months. It wasn’t easy, and don’t you forget that. You don’t need me to tell you how amazing you are. You’re beautiful, inside and out. So, let’s move past this.

I know, the very thought of trying to zip up a pair of jeans is more than likely making you cringe. Your bra is looking pretty wonky at this point (if you’ve even had time to wear one), and you’re starting to get that first good round of baby holding shoulder pain. Two words. Icy Hot.

But hey, new momma, guess what? It gets easier. The load doesn’t get lighter. You just learn to carry it better. You won’t always feel this scatterbrained. You’ll figure out what works for you, and you’ll love it. You’ll be a veteran with a routine for the ages. Your hair will probably forever need washing, and time will revolve more around diapers and bath time. But you’re going to get this mom thing down. Sure, things will change, but your heart will grow.

No, it will never be perfect. There will be really tough days. But you’re going to master them. You’ll learn about strengths you didn’t know you had and fears you never knew existed. And even though none of it is perfect, it’s so good. It’s sticky and dirty and sugar coated madness, but it’s only the best kind.

Embrace the mess. Load the dishwasher later. That laundry in the chair will be there tomorrow. You can always make up a missed call or text in the morning. All you really need is leggings, Jesus, and a good cup of coffee… and you may have to reheat it a few times.

Sit back, relax, sing a lullaby or two. Rock in the rocking chair. Listen to the subtle sound of your sweet baby sighing. Watch the way their chest rises and falls during a nap. Your baby won’t be a baby for long. It goes so fast. I know that is so incredibly cliche, but it is the universal truth of mommahood. Man, oh, man does time fly taking care of a beautiful life you’ve created. You’ll blink and it’ll seem like you only held them for the first time this morning.

Savor every moment you can of the good, and don’t ever be afraid to ask for help during the bad. Always remember to take care of yourself. Being healthy is such a crucial part of raising tiny humans.

So yeah, sweet girl, the beginning is a doozy. That first baby will often have you questioning your sanity. But don’t worry, you’re not the first, and you won’t be the last. You’re doing great because you’re doing your best.

Crack open that can of dry shampoo. Tighten up the messy bun, and slap on some concealer. And just forget about sleeping when the baby sleeps because that never works.

Hang in there new momma. You’re going to be just fine.”

Courtesy of Molly Claypool

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