To The Little Girls Who Were Abused And Grew Up To Be Women

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Disclaimer: This story contains details pertaining to sexual abuse that may be upsetting to some.

“This is a little girl who was sexually abused. She grew up to be a woman. She is me.

The series of events from someone she trusted meant she struggled.

She struggled in relationships. She struggled to be loved. She struggled to be intimate and wholeheartedly present when she was.

She struggled with depression and anxiety.

With pelvic pain.

She flinched from touch, but so desperately wanted to give it all.

She felt like it wasn’t something she was allowed to feel, to feel free in intimacy, because someone took her innocence and made her feel dirty.

Dear little girl, don’t be sorry.

It wasn’t your fault.

You don’t have to forgive anyone.

There’s no timeline to your hurt. It might remain for a long time, maybe forever, and that’s okay. You can totally feel hurt.

You can feel angry, you can feel however you like. You can even feel scared.

But don’t you dare feel blamed, don’t you dare feel guilty, and don’t you dare feel shame.

To the little girls who were abused and grew up to be women: you might feel screwed up, you might feel lost, but you survived… you are hardened, and you are tough, and you’re beautiful.

You’re so beautiful.

And you are never, NEVER defined by what a horrible person did to you.”

Little girl who was sexually abused
Laura Mazza

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