‘This may come as a surprise…but we aren’t on a routine. My house is not a school. My children do work when they feel like it.’: Mom gives herself ‘grace’ during quarantine, ‘I don’t feel bad about it’

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“This may come as a surprise but…we aren’t on a routine.

I’m not homeschooling. The younger two have their packets and are completing them when they want to. The older two are doing it when they feel like doing it.

The packets are there to keep them busy and challenge their brain but it is nothing ‘new’ I have to teach them.

We aren’t getting up super early to do it either.

Because the truth is, this situation is the pits. They are missing their friends, gym, art, after school activities, and I feel like the last thing they need from me is forcing them to do ‘schoolwork’ for an hour or so when the truth is THEY HAVE ALL DAY!

We have made cookies, been outside, played the WII, watched TV more than we probably should and they have been on their phones chatting with friends and I don’t feel bad about it.

My house is not a school.
It’s a place to feel safe, loved, and encouraged…especially during this time.

I have given myself a lot of grace during this time and am doing the BEST I can.

So for all those asking what our ‘schedule’ is like? Pretty much anything goes about now.

Oh, and apparently the kitchen is open all day.

Because if this quarantine has taught me anything it’s that we got all the time in the world right now!”

Courtesy of Happy Healthy Sarah

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