‘Unsubscribing from marketing emails in my inbox clutter, a lightbulb went off. Why can’t we unsubscribe from the mental clutter, too?’: Woman urges ‘you don’t have the space’

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“I’ve been unsubscribing from marketing emails that consume my inbox. It has been email after email after email taking up too much space. I was warned to clean things up or purchase more space.

I’d rather spend my money at the Red Lobster I’ve been craving than upgrading storage space, so I got to clearing.

No ill will to the senders – I get it. We all have a message to feature. We all have a message to share. We all need to be heard. I so get it and bless you all, but I just don’t have the space.

Sometimes, the messages are overbearing. They get lost in the endless sea of emails, causing me to miss messages all together. Sometimes, the messages keep the noise in your head from never silencing. Try these diet pills, Felicia. The secrets for never having belly fat again are just a click away. Do you want that ex back? Read here to have him back by tomorrow. It’s overwhelming and at times, toxic.

This made me think. Really think. Lightbulb alert. Maybe I need to unsubscribe from certain things in my life like I do the emails. Maybe the mental clutter is just as tiresome as the inbox clutter.

It’s so easy for us to click ‘unsubscribe’ in the tiny print at the end of an email. Why can’t we unsubscribe to more important things, too?

Unsubscribe from the friend who always projects their struggles on to you. I’ve had them. I’ve dumped them and I’m not looking back. It’s not okay and it just makes you resentful and bitter.

Unsubscribe from the people who judge you and cut you down, family or not. Well, give them grace at first, but if they don’t change their ways, see above. Bye.

Unsubscribe from the ones who call too much just to share their opinion with you about your life, usually unsolicited. No one needs a lecture. And opinions about lives never lived are pretty comical. Next.

Unsubscribe from the girlfriends who tell you if you should date him or not. Girl, date who you want. I don’t even need to explain this one.

Unsubscribe from telling your girlfriends everything. There are so many secret moments of my life that were incredibly private and adventurous. There’s something sacred about only you knowing your full truth and not always proving it to others.

Unsubscribe from the idea you’re being bad if you eat bread with your salad or ice cream after your grilled chicken. You’re allowed to be human. Food isn’t bad. Let’s stop the nonsense.

Unsubscribe from the noise in your head that is holding you back. I almost stopped writing because of hateful comments from the public. I’ll never unsubscribe from writing. But I will unsubscribe from giving two more seconds to people who show hate for no reason at all. You should join me on this one. Like, you should really, really join me.

Unsubscribe from thinking so far into the future that today is running so far away from you. I’m slowly learning if you stay in the present, or at least try to, anxiety can slowly dissipate. Think of it this way: We’re so afraid of the future, but every new day we live IS the future (from the day before). Let the exposure of yet another new day show you that you are making it…the future isn’t so scary.

Unsubscribe from people telling you what’s good for you. You need to fall all by yourself. It will be worth the lion-like mentality you receive along the way. You will learn to roar, so DEFINITELY unsubscribe.

Unsubscribe from worrying about spending money on that trip or that expensive dinner. If you can swing it, do it. Holding on to security forever in a temporary world can be more crippling than comforting. Keywords: temporary world.

Unsubscribe from wanting the boob implants, the flatter stomach, the thicker hair, the prettier face, the smaller nose, the more expensive clothes, and the EVERYTHING you think you need to feel better. These things will never make you feel better. If you’re not happy with smaller boobs, you’ll never feel whole inside with bigger ones. Happiness is internal and never external. Instead, surround yourself with people who appreciate your beauty. It’s there. Don’t let society blind you to it.

Unsubscribe from waiting on the world to say sorry. People will say insensitive things to you and they won’t always apologize. In fact, they won’t always know they said anything harmful. Don’t spend your time seeking a ‘sorry’ from everyone. Try to accept you can’t teach empathy or introspection.

Unsubscribe from the jealous ones. I’ve been friends with them. I’ve worked with them. I’m related to them. A family member once told me everything that was wrong with me. It was a running list. When I thought about it, though, it was pure jealousy because everything this person knocked me for was everything lacking within themselves and their own life. See above as we must not expect apologies; but, when you know yourself, you don’t always need the world to be so fragile with you.

Unsubscribe from needing fragility. I’m sensitive, yes, but this is not a flaw. For so long, I needed people to say everything with compassion or say nothing at all. Until recently, I learned to say f–k that. People don’t have to like me or you. People don’t have to praise me or you. People don’t have to be sweet to me or you. People don’t have to agree with my life or yours. Because for the first time in my life, I could honestly care less, which brings me to my next point.

Unsubscribe from caring. Who gives a F what they say? It’s that simple.

Unsubscribe from thinking you need to be at a certain place by a certain age. Why is it that something must be wrong with you if you’re 35 and single? The only fault I find is in the message. Society needs a readjustment.

Unsubscribe from wanting more. It’s cliché, but so d–n true – write your blessings down. You will feel like you have the world in your hands.

Unsubscribe from being complacent. Sounds like a catch-22 from the above, right? Find your middle ground. Be grateful for what you have and find comfort in knowing you will be okay if you never have too much more. But don’t sit on your dreams, or as a former professor told me, ‘Don’t rest on your laurels.’ Success will not knock on your door. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: YOU HAVE TO GO GET IT. It’s hard as hell, but it’s the only way.

Unsubscribe from avoiding your truth. If you feel sad, then feel sad. If you’re having a ‘life sucks’ day, then have one. If you still love him, then love him. Feeling emotions doesn’t mean you don’t know your worth, it just means you know who you are.

And unsubscribe from avoiding that craving. Y’all, this is an old picture of the Red Lobster I’ve been dreaming about. I need it. I want it. And I’m unsubscribing from anyone who tells me to only eat salad every day, plus all of the above.

You should, too.

Them Cheddar Bay Biscuits, though.”

Courtesy of Felicia Naoum

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