‘Crumbs in the sheets. Worrying about the next career move. Life is messy. Don’t just clean up, laugh in the mess.’: Woman shares powerful reminder ‘only you know what your heart needs’

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“Some days, you want to say f–k the protein and drown every ache in your soul in a chocolate milkshake from Arby’s and when the service member asks you if you want whipped cream on top, you say yes. Chocolate drizzle? Hell yes.

Some days, you want to forget the wrinkle cream you’re supposed to use every-f–king-night, multiple times a day too, because your 20s have ended and you need to fight the 40s and 50s as much as possible, but you’re exhausted. Exhausted from trying to measure up and get through another day. Go to sleep. It’s okay if you wake with a line. Stripes have always been pretty.

Some days, you want to not care about perfection. Crumbs in the sheets and in the car. Papers everywhere. Life is messy. Don’t just clean and die. Live in the mess. Laugh in the mess. You’ll never be remembered for the house, anyway.

Some days, you want to tell the rude cashier off or flick off the car who cut you off and not care about being ‘Humble and Kind,’ even though Tim McGraw is singing in your head. Some days, we gotta let Tim down.

Some days, you want to say f–k those dating rules. You don’t want to wait until he asks you for your number. You don’t want to ‘get to know him.’ Instead, you just want to meet him on the whim at midnight and leave your lipstick on your dresser because you know it won’t stay on your lips on a night like this.

Some days, you want to play the Dirty Dancing anthem, ‘Time of My Life,’ in your head to never forget you happily didn’t listen to your girlfriends or society that night and you just went for him. It’s not always self-destruction when you want it, too. Sweet bliss. Eat it up, mama.

Some days, you want to forget safety. You want to lick your fingers, not apply the 89,908 application of hand sanitizer and live like it’s 2019. Sweet 2019.

Some days, you want to share your heart with him even when the world tells you professing your love is desperate and awkward. Some days, you just want to live for you. So, say it. Say it all. I repeat: SAY. IT. ALL. You only have this life and the clock started ticking the day you were born. You’re already running out of time, GO.

Some days, you don’t want to take the higher road and apologize first. You’d rather hang with Petty Betty and her twin sister Bitter Betty. That’s okay, too. Sometimes, the mean girls need more friends.

Some days, you want to take a hundred selfies and soak up how good you look. Don’t apologize for it. Let them call you conceited. I’d rather you love yourself than hate yourself.

Some days, you want to buy a lot of makeup to try and make your features pop more because doing so makes your insides pop… do that, too.

Some days, you want to go sans makeup and put in zero effort. Yep, do that, too. Let them judge you. Let them say, ‘You let yourself go.’ You did. You let yourself let go of their approval. Duh. You’re supposed to.

Some days, you want to write a letter to the person who burned you years ago to close your own circle. Let them look at you funny and tell you what a joke you are for going back so far. Sleep well tonight. You followed your heart.

Some days, you want to double text. Triple text. Paragraph text. F–k, text a whole book. They’ll tell you that’s wrong, too. But it’s not. Promise. You had a lot to say and you said it. Hashtag living.

Some days, you want to write a list of everything you like about yourself and every accomplishment you’ve ever had because you need a boost. Girl, make that ten pages long and double-sided. You’re allowed to know your worth.

Some days, you want to make peace with that ex from a decade ago who shattered your heart even though those girlfriends will tell you you’re making a mistake and he is ‘an ex for a reason.’ Girl, go say what you need to say. Only you know what your heart needs. Your answers to life are not found in ‘girlfriend gossip’ or people’s opinions. I TRIPLE PROMISE you on this one.

Some days, you want to not care about the next degree or the next career move and be content if you never play in the big leagues again or at all. And if you never do, that’s totally okay. After all, the small things usually are the big things. So, let’s normalize this.

Some days, you want to stare at his picture all night, play his videos all night and sob. Do it. The pain doesn’t mean you’re miserable or making yourself suffer. It just means you’re feeling every emotion this life has to offer and that is a beautiful thing, too.

Some days, you want to obsess about every stretch mark or imperfection. Maybe you’re Googling the price of a boob job or liposuction. But just know there’s a whole slew of people out there who prefer you. That the ‘standard of beauty‘ is a lie. Remember: if beauty is subjective, and it is, how can there be a standard? It’s an individual thing and YOU already have your fan base. So, don’t be so quick to change yourself. Your crowd is cheering for you.

Some days, you want to do none of these and just be.

Be where you are. Not where they are.

Feel what you feel. Not what they feel.

Live how you live. Not how they live.

Love how you love. Not how they love.

Eat how you eat. Not how they eat.

Act how you act. Not how they act.

Do all that, too.

Because every day, it’s all about you.

And some days, we forget that.”

Courtesy of Felicia Naoum
Courtesy of Felicia Naoum

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Felicia Naoum of Parma, Ohio, and originally appeared here. You can follow her journey on Facebook. Submit your own story here, and be sure to subscribe to our free email newsletter for our best stories, and YouTube for our best videos.

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