‘What’s so special about this photo?’ It’s just an egg on top of toast, you may wonder. But to me, this is the best photo in the world.’: Mom celebrates parenting win after sons’ act of kindness, ‘I’m raising boys not defined by gender stereotypes’

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What’s so special about this food picture?

You wonder. It’s just an egg on top of toast, and not even a good photo at that, yes? But to me, this food photo is the best in the world.


Courtesy of Nalika Unantenne

Two little boys realized their Ammi (mommy) was tired of adulting. So, they decided to let me rest on Saturday morning. They referred to their favorite recipe book, The Egg Book. They found a recipe: Croque Madame. And on an early Saturday morning, they cooked it for me.

Courtesy of Nalika Unantenne

One made the toast, the other made the egg. They came up together to my bedroom and proudly announced with big grins on their faces, ‘Ammi! We made you breakfast in bed! It’s ‘Croo-key Madam!’

They watched anxiously as I took the first bite. Nevan apologized, ‘I am sorry the egg is overcooked, Ammi.’ I told them it was the best Croo-key Madam I had ever, EVER, tasted. Their faces glowed, their eyes sparkled and off they trooped to cook their own breakfasts.

Courtesy of Nalika Unantenne

I often wonder if we are doing this whole parenting thing right. But this Saturday morning, I knew we were. The boys have learned to care for me because they see my husband Roshan do the same. Importantly, they also see Roshan actively contributing to our household chores. He makes me my morning coffee, as I do for him. He cooks for me, as I do for him. We manage our home together. And on Saturday, I realized our sons are normalizing this behavior.

They can cook a simple breakfast. They can wash dishes. They can fold clothes, sweep and mop.

If we are doing one thing right, it is raising these sons of ours to be men who are not defined by traditional gender stereotypes. And this, in my opinion, is a big parenting win.”

Courtesy of Nalika Unantenne

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