‘When I look at this photo 10, 15, or 20 years from now, will I remember how old you guys were?’: Mom of 5 shares reminder to cherish every moment with kids

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“When you have your babies, will I remember how to care for one if you need help?

When we take a trip down memory lane, will I remember anything?

When you recall your favorite summer as a child, will I remember?

When I’m older, will I remember stories of your childhood to tell to your children?

When I look at this photo 10, 15, or 20 years from now, will I remember how old you guys were?

When I’m older, will I remember all the joy?

Will I remember?…

Motherhood is entirely complex – the ‘fear’ of forgetting the memories, the little things your kids used to do, the ages they were during milestones, the places you went, all the things…it’s a tough emotion to deal with.

I think about this all the time because I don’t remember much of anything these days. I will have conversations with my kids about different memories and I already can’t recall some of the things they talk about.

It’s a really scary thing as a mother to feel like she’s forgotten about one of the happiest moments in their child’s life.

I worry because we have five children, I’m going to forget it all because I’m so busy just trying to keep everyone on track and going, day in and day out.

I don’t want to miss anything, but I also don’t feel like I have a spare minute to slow down and enjoy it.

I don’t want to forget them growing up. The days are quickly turning into weeks and jetting into months and years. I can’t stop time and sometimes I feel time is my enemy.

I miss my kids, even though they’re right in front of me.

Hold those babies tight mamas. They grow so fast.


a mom who is trying not to forget.”

Sibling sitting on a towel at the beach contemplating the ocean
Courtesy of Kelsey Talley

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