‘Why doesn’t she leave?’ She thinks if she just tries harder, if she’s a better wife and mom, he wouldn’t get so angry.’: Domestic abuse survivor pens PSA, ‘we need your love, not judgement’

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“Why doesn’t she leave?

Because he has her so brainwashed that it’s all her fault.

That she’s no good to anyone and no one will want her or love her.

That there’s no way she can possibly make it on her own.

Why doesn’t she leave?

Because she thinks that if she just tries harder…

If she’s a better wife and a better mom, that maybe he will be happy with her.

That maybe he wouldn’t get so angry with her.

And maybe he will be the same sweet, charming man that he was when they first met.

Why doesn’t she leave?

Because he has her convinced that if she tries he will hurt or kill her or her family.

Because he has threatened to tell the judge that she is a bad mom.

That he will take away her kids and she will never see them again.

Because he has taken away her money.

He has convinced her that she has no good job qualities to make it on her own financially.

That she will always need him.

More people are concerned with why women stay in abusive relationships than why men are abusing women.

Unless you’ve been in an abusive relationship you have no idea how hard it is to escape.

Abusers are able to fool those outside the home because they usually only abuse those inside the home.

We need your support.
We need your love.
We do not need your judgement.

My name is Katrina, and I am a domestic violence survivor.

Let’s raise awareness. Do not remain silent so they can remain comfortable. We are louder together!

Leaving is the hardest thing to do until you do it….then it’s the best decision you’ve ever made.”

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Courtesy of Katrina Reich

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