Yes, Having A Big Family Is Awesome — Here’s Why

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Courtesy of Amy Stone

Having a big family isn’t too different than any other family, except for all the noise, the kids, and the chaos. Of course, just like any size family, there are pros and cons to having a big family. Today, I am going to share with you why it is awesome to have a big family like mine.

1. You get to experience all the stages at once

For us, we are currently experiencing the preteen stage all the way down to toddlers. Now, what makes it special for a big family is we are also experiencing all the stages in between, too! Although we are getting to experience the new trials of preteen-hood, we also get to reminisce and experience all the younger stages at the same time. The sweet baby/toddler stage makes up for the attitude and hormones of the preteen stage. It’s kind of like ‘first they’re sour, then they’re sweet’ moments, but every day and with different kids!

2. You are never bored.

With having eight people in our family, there is ALWAYS something to do. Bored? There are mountains of laundry as tall as Everest, kids as hungry as hippos, rooms that look like dressers and beds exploded, diapers that need to be changed like yesterday… you get the picture. Whether it’s cleaning, making snacks, reading bedtime stories, or kissing boo-boos, there is always something to do in the home of a big family.

3. Nothing phases you.

As a mom of a big family, when I get around friends or family, it makes me chuckle at what they worry about when it comes to their two or three kids. No judging here, I was there once! But with my kids, I have seen it all, done it all, and nothing phases me anymore. If the kids are playing outside, as long as they are in the backyard, they’re good to go. No helicopter mom here, for the most part. I’m too busy taking care of other kids to worry if the big kids are making mud pies and actually eating them. Dirt is healthy and they’re actually eating! Why would I complain, right?

4. Parents of big families are less stressed

As mentioned previously, parents of big families have a lot on their plate, so they really only care about the big stuff, leaving them way less stressed. They know the difference between the fake cries and the hurt cries. They know when they need to run or when they just need to roll their eyes and shake it off. If your kids are running out of the house in PJs instead of what you told them to put on, it usually just doesn’t matter. Cowboy boots with shorts? You betcha! Honestly, in big families, there is just so much chaos if you really cared about every single detail, you would literally have a breakdown every single day until the kids were out of the house.

5. There is always a buddy to get into trouble with

With having six kids, there comes a lot of chaos but also a lot of laughter. For us, our kids have built-in buddies and lots of them. It’s always neat to see who pairs up with who, although for the most part it is the big kids vs the little kids. At the end of the day, no matter who was fighting with who, or who was playing with who, kids of big families know they have friends they can count on whenever they need help. Even if that’s a make-shift footstool to stand on to reach the top shelf!

Courtesy of Amy Stone

6. Lots of little parents

Ever heard ‘many hands make for light work?’ Well, kids from big families naturally turn into little parents. Our older kids are often asked to help with the little ones, such as grabbing diapers or toys, or keeping an eye on them while you finish up some chores. What is really cool is eventually, the big kids will tend to the little ones without being asked and solely because they WANT to care for their younger siblings. As a parent of many, this is one of the most rewarding aspects. Seeing your older kids being gentle and caring towards their younger siblings — you are validated knowing you are setting good examples because they are following your footsteps.

7. You get a lot of attention

Yes, all eyes are on you all the time. Ever go into a store with six kids, some piled in the cart, and then some tagging behind you like baby ducks? Yeah, you get some looks. If it’s not that, it’s the vehicle you drive. Or when strangers find out you have six kids but your looks don’t match your age so they really wonder if you were serious about starting at the age of 12. Good or bad, all eyes are on you when they see how many kids you have. Although we only have six, and we don’t feel it’s that many, people are always in awe of this, whether that’s good or bad, I’ll leave it up to them. So, if you like attention, unnecessary looks, and comments, having a big family is for you!

8. You are looked at like you are superwoman

To go along with the attention, you will be made to feel like a superwoman/man. No one understands how you can keep it all together with so many kids. When in reality, you have no clue what you are doing, still. Maybe it’s the whole not worrying as much kind of thing. Either way, you will feel like a rockstar at some point. It may be when you take all six kids to a birthday party, alone, and you are complimented on how well your kids behaved, and how well you did. Yep, that’s right, I’m a rockstar!

Courtesy of Amy Stone

9. You actually save money with a big family

It’s assumed big families cost a lot. In reality, you actually save money. Hear me out! Groceries, you are going to spend a fortune, let’s be honest. But when it comes to necessities like clothes, bottles, toys, cribs, you are saving so. Much. Money. Ever heard of hand-me-downs? They are a life, and money, saver! The real kicker here is when you think you are done having kids so you give everything away, but then find out you’re having twins. So, that may be one hurdle you have to jump.

10. There is so much more love

The more the chaos, the more the love. There is always someone to wrap their little arms around your neck, someone to snuggle, someone to say ‘one more time.’ If you sat at dinner with us, you can feel the love we have, even over the complaints of not liking what is for dinner. There is just something so fulfilling looking around a full table, knowing that all these little humans are one day going to grow up and create families of their own, and you desperately hope they will have big families too. Mostly just to give you all the grandkids. There is just nothing like having a big family, it sure isn’t for the weak, but a big family will fill your heart in ways you would never imagine.

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