‘You can’t drink that glass of wine while breastfeeding. And please don’t breastfeed without a cover.’: Mom’s hilarious guide to navigating breastfeeding comments during the holiday season

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“Here are some of the questions and comments you may receive as a breastfeeding mom during the holidays.

And here’s how to respond.

Isn’t your baby too old to be breastfeeding?

Your baby is breastfeeding again. You must not be making enough.

You better not eat the green beans. It will make your baby gassy.

You can’t drink that glass of wine while breastfeeding.

You’re weaning soon, right?

Just let the baby cry. It’s good for their lungs.

You’re holding your baby too much. You’re going to spoil it.

If you just supplemented, you wouldn’t feel like such a cow.

Please don’t breastfeed without a cover. You need to go to a private room.

Just give your 3-month-old a taste of pumpkin pie. I did with all my kids.

You really need to put your baby on a schedule.

You need to give the baby a bottle so others can feed and bond with the baby.

Answer to all: Uhhh, no.

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Courtesy of Melissa Ostroth

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