‘You have taken on more than any child should. Deep down, the whole word thanks you for your resilience.’: Teacher mom pens appreciation letter to all teacher’s kids

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“Dear teacher’s kid,

You are the most amazing kiddos I have ever met! Through distance learning, you have taken on more than any child should ever have to and for that, I want to thank you!

Thank you for knowing and understanding that every child who walks into your mommy’s classroom or zoom call is now also one of ‘her kids.’ You inspire me to include others!

Thank you for loving ‘her new kids’ as if they are your own brothers and sisters, even though you never met them. You inspire me to love deeper than the ocean!

Thank you for understanding the art project mommy just bought isn’t for you. You Inspire me to share!

Thank you for waiting one more minute because mommy needs to help a student before she helps you with your homework. You inspire me to be patient!

Thank you for doing your homework at all times of the day or on the weekend because that’s when mommy isn’t teaching. You inspire me to be flexible!

Thank you for waking up early to read to mommy so she can hear you before her zoom call begins. You inspire me to set routines!

Thank you for doing your distance learning work with any family member or school staff member, because mommy is teaching. You inspire me to learn from everyone!

Thank you for watching way too much YouTube while mommy is working. You inspire me to make independent choices!

Thank you for doing your math during our lunchtime. You inspire me to multitask!

Thank you for taking a break during our nighttime story because mommy is answering urgent emails from parents. You inspire me to put others first!

Thank you for playing and testing lesson ideas during your free weekend time. You inspire me to help others!

To all the teacher kids out there, thank you! Through all of this, you have not once complained and have taken your role on with a smile! Know that deep down the whole world thanks you for your support, resilience, and understanding of this ever so difficult situation!

With all my love,

Your teacher mommy”

Courtesy of Amanda Holster

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