‘You’re too young to be so serious.’ ‘It won’t last.’ I ignored it all. I knew deep down it wasn’t just puppy love.’: Teen mom marries young, births 2 kids despite criticism, ‘When you meet the love of your life, you’ll know’

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“You’re not going to marry the boy you start dating at sixteen.

You’re too young to be that serious.

It won’t last, you’re just a baby.

These are some of the many things I have heard growing up.

I met, and started dating my husband when I was sixteen. I was in grade ten, and infatuated with this boy I met at the mall, with Justin Bieber hair. I went home to tell my family and friends about my new found love, to be greeted with, ‘You are sixteen, it may last for awhile, but not forever.’

I ignored it all, because I knew deep down it wasn’t just puppy love. It was a lifetime love.

Two years later, when we graduated high school together, I felt proud. We had made it. But then I was greeted with, ‘Now your life really starts! It’s hard to keep a relationship you started off with so young, during this time.’

Again, I ignored it, because I knew it was real.

A few months after graduation, I found out I was pregnant. I was scared, but excited to take on this role with the boy I had loved for the past two years.

But again, I was greeted with, ‘Be prepared, you may need to do this on your own, babies are hard on couples, especially so young.’

Again, I ignored it. Because I knew we could make it.

A year later, with our three-month-old baby girl, he proposed to me. I was nineteen. He was eighteen.

I was greeted with, ‘We’re very happy for you, but do you think this is a good idea? To get married? You two are still so young.’

I ignored it, and began wedding planning.

Another year later, with our daughter being one and a half, we had our wedding. It was beautiful.

At the wedding, I heard, ‘They’re a beautiful couple, I hope it lasts, with them being so young.’

A few weeks after our wedding, I found out I was pregnant with our son. I was elated. I was twenty, married, and pregnant with our second child.

I was greeted again with, ‘Two kids? But you’re so young. You guys are both so young. Are you sure you’re ready?’

I ignored those comments again, and continued planning for the arrival of our son.

This year, I will be twenty six, and we will be celebrating our tenth anniversary.

We have hit many bumps in the road, lost our connection, and gained it back. It has never been easy, but we made it.

I married the boy I met when I was sixteen, and I’m so glad I ignored all of those comments.

Whether you’re fifteen, or fifty, when you meet the love of your life, you will know right away.

It’s not just puppy love.”

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Courtesy of Caitlin Fladager

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