‘You are bold, you are brilliant, you are beautiful!’: 2-year-old captures hearts with adorable positive affirmations

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We could all use a pep talk every once in a while, and thanks to Sofia Dimitrievski, we can get them in the most adorable way!

Sofia posts all sorts of content about herself and her family on social media, and some of her most popular videos feature her daughter Aleksandra. At only 2 years old, the sweetheart is already a pro at positive affirmations.

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“I was doing my makeup one day and Aleksandra climbed into my lap so I started saying some affirmations, and she would repeat them but with such passion,” Sofia said. “It was so cute. So I thought I’d try getting her to repeat longer ones.”

Watching tiny Aleksandra confidently state positive phrases like, “You are bold,” and, “You are brilliant,” is nearly impossible to do without smiling. It’s no wonder that soon after Sofia began sharing these affirmations, they started to get millions of views.

Some of the affirmations Aleksandra says come from Ashley Graham, a popular supermodel and body positivity advocate. They’re clearly a fan favorite, too, because a video of her quoting Graham absolutely blew up. It even reached the supermodel herself, who was happy to reply with a video!

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Every day, Sofia’s posts are flooded with comments from people expressing just how much Aleksandra’s videos have had a positive impact on their lives. Little do they know, Sofia feels the same way.

“We had so many comments on how happy our videos made people, how it calmed their anxiety and even saved their life,” she said.

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Ten years ago, Sofia lost her brother to mental health-related issues. The loss was incredibly difficult for her to process, making her understand firsthand what it’s like to need external motivation.

“When my brother passed I couldn’t find joy anymore,” she said. “To be honest, I didn’t want to until one day I woke up and thought I have to keep going. I need to do it for both of us. Not everyone can do that. So to know that my family, especially my daughter, can make people’s days and lives better by bringing happiness into their home with our videos honestly is the greatest gift we could ever receive.”

Named after her late uncle, Aleksandra is no doubt making him proud with all the love and joy she’s spreading online.

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“I hope they really listen to our messages to follow their heart and their dreams, but above all else to believe in themselves,” Sofia said. “And who better to be their cheerleader than a beautiful passionate baby.”

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