‘My husband doesn’t surprise me with flowers or celebrate our first date, but he always refills my drink without me asking.’: Woman says ‘marry the guy who sends you funny memes’

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“My husband doesn’t surprise me with flowers. He doesn’t celebrate things like our first date, when we got engaged, or when he first said he loved me. He’s not a hopeless romantic and typically just gives me a card for Valentine’s Day. Sometimes it will have a Starbucks card inside of it, sometimes it won’t. I think he does that to add a little mystery to the holiday.

I see pictures of my friends going on elaborate vacations planned by their spouses. I just can’t relate. I wonder what it’s like to come home to fresh flowers on the counter and dinner being delivered. These are just not things I can understand.

My husband does so much more than surprise vacations or fresh flowers.

Courtesy Tamra Norman

He wakes up the kids for school and gets them breakfast every day. He opens up his heart and our home to hurting kids who need a family. He grabs our toddler every night when he walks in the door and takes over bath time duties. He asks me what errands I need him to run at lunch. And most importantly, he always fills up my car with gas.

I never pull the trashcans down the driveway or take out the trash. Not because I refuse, but because it’s always done. He refills my drink at dinner without me asking, studies with our kids because he knows I don’t want to, and prays over our family every single morning.

He knows I like to sleep later than him, so he jumps out of bed as soon as his alarm goes off. He also knows I use his phone charger because I’m too lazy to get a new one, so he unplugs my phone and puts it near me every morning. He doesn’t want to make me reach across the bed to turn my alarm off. Did I request this? No. He’s just romantic like that.

Courtesy Tamra Norman

Did I mention he puts gas in my car anytime he drives it?

I didn’t marry a hopeless romantic, but I did marry a partner in life. I married someone who doesn’t make me feel ‘less than’ because he makes more money than me. I married someone who asks my opinion and admits when he’s wrong. I married someone who serves me and loves me well.

Marry the guy who sends you funny memes because he sees them and thinks of you. Marry the kind of guy you want your daughters to one day date.

Marry the guy who fills up your car with gas.”

Courtesy Tamra Norman

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