6 Positive Affirmations For Every Trans/Gender Non-Conforming Individual

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At a time in society when we continue to see so many infringements on the rights and freedoms of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, it has never been more imperative to speak life into our community on every level. Whether for yourself or to share with a loved one in the LGBTQ+ community, here are 6 positive affirmations for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals.

Positive Affirmations For Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming Individuals

1. You are worthy

You are human and worthy of life. You deserve to live free of fear, to have dreams and aspirations, and to be treated with respect and adoration. You deserve all the amenities life has to offer and you deserve the opportunity to explore the path you want to pursue. You may be in a place where it’s hard to see this in yourself right now, but trust me, there is limitless potential and untapped courage. To those who are sources of support for trans and GNC individuals, please know it may take time to get your person to recognize and embrace this concept, as most of us have been conditioned by society to believe just the opposite. Be patient and encourage the individual to utilize as many avenues of support as are available (ex. therapy, counseling, support groups, etc.).

2. Your experience matters

Although your community faces challenges that are most often unparalleled, YOU are also an individual with unique experiences specific to your own journey. You have lived experience that differs from anyone else. Your community is not a monolith. As a friend/family member/ally, consider telling and actively showing any trans/GNC person in your life you respect their struggle and validate their personal journey. Strive to refrain from participating in monolithic narratives, as they often are dehumanizing and ultimately serve as a tool of erasure.

3. You deserve to feel safe

You deserve the freedom to explore the world and experience new adventures. You also deserve to live freely in your own community. I understand this is not always the case and there are certain spaces where your safety is often compromised due to fear, judgment, and hatred from others.

4. You deserve peace

You deserve the inner peace that comes from working through past trauma and cleansing the experiences that caused you pain. As a friend/ally/family member, consider encouraging a trans/GNC person in your life to start or continue their journey to healing. It’s okay to be honest and warn them that identifying past trauma can be a scary process, initially. However, when therapeutically-guided through the process by a clinically licensed/trained professional, it is often a vital step in addressing most mental health disturbances. If you see a trans/GNC person struggling with self-acceptance or any other disturbances in mood, please encourage them to take advantage of the mental health resources in their area.

5. You are deserving of authentic and unconditional love

You are deserving of real love, in every form! You deserve the type of love afforded by true friends and family, even if you do not currently have it. Whether by blood or bond, you deserve to be embraced by others who love you without stipulation. Moreover, you deserve to experience love in the form of romance. Yes, navigating the dating realm as a trans/GNC person presents its own unique set of challenges, but please don’t give up hope. There is someone out there who is ready to love YOU! Do not let the ignorance or hate you may encounter discourage you. Surround yourself with those who love you enough to lift you up and re-center your focus.

6. Your life is invaluable and has a purpose beyond measure

You are a treasure, not a science experiment. You may not feel you have done or accomplished much, but you are to be celebrated! The steps you take down unchartered paths may come with great uncertainty, but the discomfort and fear we may feel when being called to our purpose is often just detours from our destiny. You are capable. You are resilient.

Courtesy of Anete Lusina (via Pexels)

Author Note: As a trans/GNC person myself, it is paramount we incorporate the language from affirmations such as these into our daily self-talk. From writing positive post-it notes to stick on our bathroom mirrors, to scheduling affirming text messages to ourselves, to even setting alarms to remind ourselves to stop, breathe, and practice self-care, these are all great ways to develop a healthy sense of self. If you have a trans/GNC person in your life, in any capacity, please keep these things in mind. If you don’t, there’s no time like the present. There is so much to be gained from embracing the trans/GNC community in a way that empowers us all to stand strong in the fight against injustice.

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