The Adult Walking Away, Luggage In Hand, Is Still The Same Toothless, Giggling Girl Who Once Held My Hand

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“Some say it will get easier each time I watch my girl’s luggage roll away from me and closer to her departure gate, but I’m not so sure.

Who knew my heart would ache, yet again, as she walked away?

Who knew as the day drew closer to her departure my throat would tighten and my heart race faster

Who knew hugging her each day, multiple times a day, would cause ease to wash over me and soothe my soul?

But one thing I know is her happiness takes away some of my ache.

Who knew within three months, her rich growth and development of self would be astounding to witness?

Who knew old memories would become the ones she holds so dear?

Who knew layers and layers would peel away as she learns more about who she truly is while becoming her authentic self?

But one thing I know is her happiness takes away some of my ache.

Who knew listening to stories about her new lifelong friends would fill me up?

Who knew watching a sparkle, fill up her eyes, while talking about classes, goals, and experiences would fill me up with a dose of ecstatic enthusiasm?

Who knew gazing at the blooming adult standing before me, would take my breath away then fill up my lungs with gratitude?

But one thing I know is her happiness takes away some of my ache.

So as I help zip up her luggage, I’ll say a silent prayer of thanks for the little moments.

It’s not easy letting go again but maybe one day it will get a bit easier.

But for now, I’m okay right where I am, walking away with tears in my eyes, as I hold on tightly to all of the love I have in my heart for my sweet child.

The adult walking away, with luggage in hand, is still the same toothless, giggling girl who once held my hand.

So as she embarks down the long corridor of the airport, now alone, to the massive world awaiting her, I take a deep breath knowing she will forever carry a piece of my heart wherever her path may lead, and for this, I am blessed.”

daughter taking her luggage through the airport leaving her parents
Courtesy of Ali Flynn

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