Don’t Hide Who You Are—Dig Deep And Lean On A Friend Who Validates You

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“The other day, I sat around a table with a few friends. Some of us have known each other for years and some have met more recently.

But you know what I realized? Time didn’t matter…

We had one thing in common… being a mom, wife, and daughter.

We talked for hours in the scorching heat, with sweat dripping all over, as we munched on smoked brisket and crisp kale salad as if we were childhood friends.

How? Because we are moms.
There is an unspoken connection.

How? Because we are wives.
We just understand certain things.

We laughed, we complained, we shared opposing ideas, but you know what we were able to do in the end?


We validated each other.

We told each other similar stories so we each knew we were not the only one.

We didn’t compare.

We didn’t one up the other with who has it worse or better, but rather we shared a common experience with transparency.

We let each other further into our worlds which we so often don’t open up about.

The world where we are feeling bogged down in our marriages due to parenting frustrations and often hostility.

We opened up about shared experiences with all of us raising teenage girls. Not one boy in the mix.

We were transparent and we validated with a few snorts of laughter.

So friends, just be you.

There is no need to hide who you are.

Don’t cover up the hard days and moments.

Dig deep and lean on a friend to validate your thoughts.
Dig deep and share with full transparency how you feel about raising kids and your marriage.
The bonds created can be life altering.

Who knew, walking into a BBQ on a hot summer day, we all needed a little emotional release, validation, and feeling we are not alone on our motherhood journey.

But what I do know is when I went home I felt restored and renewed.
But most of all I felt profoundly blessed.

Blessed to be surrounded by a group of phenomenal women.

Dig deep…”

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