‘Stop Googling. Enjoy that little baby in front of you, exactly where they are at. Because this little person will astound you.’: Mom to child with Down syndrome shares 12 touching reminders

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“To all the mamas who will hear the words ‘Down syndrome‘ for the first time this year, I need you to remember a few important things:

Little girl with pink glasses and purple bows in her hair wears a t-shirt that says "Actually, I can."
Courtesy of Kristin Scott

1. Your child will become your greatest teacher. You will watch this little person learn and master ways to adapt into fitting into a world not made for them. It will astound you.

2. The milestones. Forget about them. Your child will do all things in THEIR time. Put the books down. Stop Googling and enjoy that little baby in front of you – exactly where they are at and not where literature says they are supposed to be.

Little girl with Down syndrome practices walking with a walker with her dad's support
Courtesy of Kristin Scott

3. Your heart will break over and over again by the stereotypes held by society. It’s your job to help break down those barriers. You are now an advocate. Mama bear. Tiger Mama. You will grow to be passionate and you’ll become an expert on your child’s diagnosis.

4. Find your tribe. Lean on them. Love them hard. Confide in them. Cry with them. This is so important. They understand like no one else. And they need you, too.

5. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns. It can be so damn hard some days. And it’s okay to acknowledge it. The language delay alone will break your heart over and over. But when those little lips utter the words ‘mama’ for the first time, your eyes will fill with tears. It’s like nothing else in this world. Relish in it.

Special needs mom and daughter with Down syndrome smile at each other while in an Under Armour store
Courtesy of Kristin Scott

6. Prepare yourself for the questions. People mean well, they really do. Ignorance is real and out there, but you will learn to grow thicker skin. You’ll learn to welcome this dialogue and encourage it in the future. Trust me on this.

7. Your child will find joy in all of life’s little pleasures. The sun on her face. A beautifully picked dandelion. Sand on her toes. Soon, you too will see the world through those rose-colored glasses. It will take your breath away and remind you of what truly is important in life.

Little girl with Down syndrome dances around and relishes the sunshine while at the beach
Courtesy of Kristin Scott

8. Your child will connect with strangers of all walks of life. Learn from them. When she greets the cashier at the grocery store, you do too now. The lady at the local coffee shop drive thru gets blown kisses. Give her a good tip. Pay your child’s pure love and genuine joy forward. In any way you can. Imagine how much kinder the world could be?

9. Dance in the kitchen.

Girl with Down syndrome smiles in front a batch of freshly baked vanilla cupcakes
Courtesy of Kristin Scott

10. Take the bubble baths.

11. Happiness comes from within. Look deeply at your little person. See that happiness? It radiates and it looks good on you, too.

12. Lastly and most importantly, you CAN do this! You might not believe it now, but you will. The NICU stays, the weeks on end hospital stays. Sometimes the punches never stop coming it seems. But when the dust settles and the appointments wind down and you catch your breath for a moment, give yourself the grace and look at the little person before you who has endured so much but still finds the joy everyday.

You’ve got this mama!

Lily’s mama”

Little girl with Down syndrome smiles and cuddles with her dad at Christmastime
Courtesy of Kristin Scott

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