‘She held his tiny body and said, ‘I can’t believe how little he is.’: Youngest granddaughter cherishes rare relationship between last-born child and grandma

“Skip is 1. My grandma is 93. The youngest of her grandchildren, I never thought I’d see her going on a walk with my youngest child. That he would walk up and ask her. That he would be born in a home she lived in. But here we are. These boys of mine getting to meet the incredible human who shaped me.”

‘Oh you’re so precious, goodnight my honey,’ are the last words he spoke to her.’: Woman captures precious final moments of grandparent’s 60-year love story

“‘She’s more beautiful than ever. Doesn’t she look so pretty?’ he’d say. After multiple strokes and as her body few frail and weak, he continued to tell her how beautiful she was EVERY single day. They would have been married 60 years next month, and yet, 60 years still wouldn’t have been enough.”

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