‘When you fire up a lighter and don’t think twice about it, I’m asking you to remember this face.’: Mom to son with severe asthma urges ‘check who’s around before lighting up’

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“Please stop smoking around my kids.

First, I want to be clear. Some of my favorite people in the world have been smokers. My Papaw was one of the best men to walk the face of this Earth, and he was often seen with a Bible in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

But I’m not just writing about good people.

Instead, I’m asking all of us to take a moment and consider how our actions affect each other.

My oldest two sons are in elementary school, and at the pace this world is moving, they’ll be faced with some major temptations soon enough.

Juuling, cigarettes, cursing, cheating, nudity; who knows, but there will come a day they’ll have to decide for themselves the way they’ll go.

My 6-year-old has asthma and has dealt with respiratory infections from infancy. His pediatrician has already stared him straight in the eyes and ordered him to stay away from cigarettes. His lungs just can’t handle it.

Courtesy of Jacklyn Warren

Yet, aside from his asthma flare-ups and seasonal allergies, he’s a healthy, high-energy, athletic kid.

He looks like your neighbor or the little boy in front of you at the grocery check-out.

Some days, you may not even notice him hanging around. But on other days, when his cough creeps up, you can’t miss him.

And you may fire up a lighter and not think twice about it. But that air you exhale is the same air we share, and I’m just asking you to remember his face.

Courtesy of Jacklyn Warren

Because even though smoking is a personal choice, it can affect kids like him, too. It can influence them and aggravate sicknesses we can’t always see at first glance.

So, I just want to ask you to check on who’s around before lighting up. And if there’s room to do it, step away and put some distance between us.

Because there are some out there who didn’t choose this fight who are struggling.

Let’s not forget them.”

Courtesy of Jacklyn Warren

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