‘I didn’t have to be strong around my best friends. They were my shoulders to cry and scream on.’: Woman thanks ‘true friendships’ for getting her through rough year

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“This year started off rough. I don’t mean ‘cold weather, flu season’ rough. I mean ‘has heart surgery and a month later gets thyroid cancer’ rough. It all came out of nowhere and I was pretty down on myself for a while, but I tried really hard not to let it show. I’m a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend; I have a lot of people that count on me. I was strong for everyone around me. I know I didn’t have to be, but I chose to be. However, I wasn’t strong for myself. When no one was around, I cried, a lot. I was so scared.

Do you know what really helped me? My two best friends. They were strong for me. I know they were scared and sad for me, too, but they always lifted me up.

Courtesy Shelby Otto

I didn’t have to be strong around them. They were my shoulders to cry and scream on. They helped me when I questioned my faith and asked, ‘why me?’ and always reminded me that I was going to be okay. They’ve been there for me whenever I’ve needed them, even when I didn’t ask. I’ve been there every time they’ve needed me, too.

Courtesy Shelby Otto

See, that’s the thing with true friendships. Not the ‘get the most likes on Instagram’ friendships – the real, raw friendships.

We’ve pulled each other out of some of the darkest and scariest times, and we’ve celebrated all of the exciting times. From cancer to relationship problems to babies to job promotions – we’ve been there for it all.

We care about is each other. It’s that simple.

Courtesy Shelby Otto

We also care about each other’s kids. I love their kids so much and they love mine.

Our kids will always have three strong females to look up to and rely on.

We’re raising our tribes together.

We show up for each other.

We pray for each other.

We talk every day. Every. Single. Day.

We call each other out when one of us is being too dramatic.

We remind each other how strong each of us is. And when we can’t be strong for ourselves, we’re reminded that it’s okay. We’ve got each other.

I know with complete certainty that I could ask either of them for anything or they know they can do the same.

We will always celebrate each other’s successes. We will always comfort each other when life gets hard.

Life can be really crazy, but we know that we will always have each other. We’ll always help. We’ll always show up. We’ll always care. We will always be each other’s constants in this unpredictable world.

That’s what friends do.”

Courtesy Shelby Otto

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