‘People with anxiety later found my card, which made their day. I don’t expect a pat on the back.’: Man gives back with fundraising project, ‘The work is so rewarding’

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“I am a full-time care worker at the Scott’s Project in Tonbridge in England. For my job, I work with disabled adults of various ages. I have done care work for the last 12 years, and have a NV in health care. I would love to do more work in the future in mental health as well as learn grief counseling. I love that my job is all about helping people, as it is what I do in my free time as well.

Courtesy of James Moy

This brings us to the story of my Smile Project. Back in April 2019, we came up with the idea in a recording studio in Kent. I had the idea of a charity CD for a mental health charity called West Kent Mind. I have raised money for them for two years. I was doing this with gig nights and quiz nights. The album name is called ‘The Beautiful Smile album.’

Courtesy of James Moy

I decided to start this project as I have fundraised since I was 17 years old, and I wanted somewhere people can find my events. In the past, I have fundraised for charities abroad in Uganda and Morocco. I also fundraised for charities in the UK, including a teenage cancer charity. Other charities were a local hospice and muscular dystrophy in the UK. I continued West Kent Mind and a local hospital radio in Kent.

Courtesy of James Moy

I have had many highs, including being interviewed by BBC Radio Kent and BBC South East. I was the hero of the week in a radio program as one of the dj jockeys found one my random acts of kindness cards in a park. Jim’s Smile Project is random acts of kindness and making people smile and happy plus raising money for charities. I love helping people because it’s the right thing to do. I do it without expecting so much a pat on the back, because the work itself is rewarding.

Courtesy of James Moy

I’ve been drawn since I was 17 years old to help others, as I am kind-hearted. I knew when I left school that I would never be a doctor or lawyer, so I used my knowledge in being kind and helping others. I think it is so important to be kind. The cards are a part of Jim’s Smile Project. I started doing the cards back in July 2919 after lockdown for Covid-19 began. I have had a huge and positive response from people in my county, which encouraged me to keep doing them. I love knowing that I have had a big response from my cards.

Courtesy of James Moy

There are people saying it has brightened up their day. A few people said they have lost pets, and a few days later they found my card, which made their day. Or they were suffering from anxiety, and it helped to improve their day. In the card, I ask how they are, sending them a big hug, smile, luck, and happiness. The aim of my card is about making people smile and happy. The message has always been the same. The design has changed a bit over time though. It now has a big heart on the front with random acts of kindness on the front.

Courtesy of James Moy

I leave the cards in parks and other random places for people to find with the goal of spreading joy. In the future, I would love for my cards to go worldwide and bring lots of smiles. I hope to volunteer in the USA, South America, and Asia. I would love to set up projects around the world to help poor communities instead of just staying locally in the UK.

I am also very happy to say that I have had lots of support from family and friends over the years. They support me with my quiz nights and gig nights. I also have been given lots of donations, such as cards and sweets, which I put in my cards. I have been so very grateful for this support and these donations because they help me with my project, which puts smiles on people’s faces. My family, especially my mum, has been a big help at my events including quiz nights. My sisters and brother in-laws have always supported my events and given raffle prizes.

The biggest help has come from my friends Tim and Sophia. They live in Kent and have their own studios. They have supported me and produced the album for the West Kent mind. They run the Seaview studios in Folkestone in England.

Courtesy of James Moy

I love to help. I got a real buzz from it and I’m passionate about helping others. Right now I’m sending my smile cards around the world including the USA. Canada. Ireland Uganda. Kenya and Sri Lanka. My best memories were in Uganda. Supporting a charity called Affcad in the slums of Kampala supporting children and families with aids and teaching in their school and handing out mosquito nets.

Courtesy of James Moy

I also supported children in Morocco with orphanage work from ages of 2 years up to 18. In June time I raised £1000 for our NHS. It is especially important to support them during Covid. We did songs for scrubs at an online gig with 26 singers. With the money we got scrubs. Teas, coffees. Foot creams for the nurses and doctors. I had help from a woman called Claire Tilley who I work with as we are care workers.

Also I sent 39 of our cards to the Brainstrust UK charity. They support people with brain cancer and tumors.
I’m trying to raise awareness of my smile project because I know how happy it makes people. This is why I decided to make Instagram and Facebook pages for Jim’s Smile Project, so that I can expand the smiles.”

Courtesy of James Moy

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