‘Late-night milk run, huh?’ I was standing in front of a tired momma in Target just before closing. ‘Go get that precious baby to bed. I got you.’: Woman shares act of kindness for stranger

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“Tonight I was standing in line at Target. They were pretty close to closing.

A beautiful African-American mama with her two-year-old got right behind me. She put a gallon of milk down on the belt.

As I loaded all my groceries and the new booster seat I had to purchase for my son Finn, I started to chat with this tired momma.

I said, ‘Late-night milk run, huh?’

She said she knew they would need some for the morning Cheerios tomorrow.

She told me how she had just left a football game at a nearby high school where her husband coached. Her cute little daughter was yawning as it was close to 10 p.m.

I still had a ways to go on unloading my cart. And yes I’m the girl with codes, coupons, and gift cards to redeem on top of that.

I reached back and grabbed her milk and asked the cashier to scan it. Then I handed it to her and said, ‘Go get that precious baby to bed. I got you.’

She cried and asked me if she could hug me ‘pandemic’ and all.

We embraced and the little girl blew me a kiss.

The cashier who was chatting about his childhood and his new husband waiting at home got teary eyed.

We both agreed after this week it was nice to just see a random act of kindness.

I told him about my thirteen-year-old daughter, Lilliana, and how I took her to vote and that I voted for her, him, his husband, and their rights.

The point of me telling you this isn’t to get a pat on the back or praise.

The point is to tell you to look around you every day and see how you can spread kindness like confetti.

There are opportunities to do so everywhere you go.

That mama went home exhausted but with a heart full of gratitude because a stranger decided to pay it forward.

That cashier will go home and tell his partner that there are people fighting for them and their happiness.

In five minutes, I managed to make two strangers smile.

In five minutes, I think I made a difference.”

Courtesy of Sheryl St. Aubin
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