‘I took my son’s temperature, and wow! A fever. I did NOT send him to school. The well-being of my son and his classmates is more important.’: Mom urges parents to keep sick kids at home

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“This morning, Sam woke up and noticed her son wasn’t feeling well.

Sam knows her son is the sweetest kid, full of love and love.

So when he wasn’t acting like his usual self, she knew something had to be up.

Sam took her son’s temperature, and wow! A fever.

Sam gave her son Tylenol and then…

Sam did NOT send her son to school.

His friends and family mean the world to him. He’s that kid who is a friend to everyone. He says he knows how bad it feels to be sick and miss out on things, but he doesn’t want his friends to feel the same way.

Courtesy of Samantha Moriá Reynolds

Even after the fever went down a couple hours later, Sam did NOT send her son to school.

Sam missed work knowing that the well-being of her son and the kids who attend his school is more important than work missed.

Sam’s son was invited to THREE birthday parties over the weekend.

Sam’s son has been so excited to go, but he will unfortunately also have to miss them because Sam’s son is SICK.

Sam knows passing along a sickness would not be a great birthday gift regardless of how bummed her son may be.

Sam knows her son is still contagious until he is fever-free, WITHOUT medication, for 24 hours.

If Sam’s son is running a fever at 7 a.m. on Sunday, Sam’s son will also not be attending school on Monday.

Be. Like. Sam.”

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Courtesy of Samantha Moriá Reynolds

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