‘I was near tears, about to lose my sanity, certain I’d never forget that moment. But then that night you snuggled up to me.’: Mom insists she’ll always ‘forget’ her children’s wrongdoings

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“The day you came into the world was hellfire and more pain than I ever knew I could handle. I didn’t handle it actually; I think I survived it. I remember thinking that I will never forget this even though they say you do.

But then you were warm on my chest and I did. I forgot it.

There were tantrums you threw as a toddler that made my head want to explode. You screamed and scratched and threw out 2-year-old  insults I didn’t know you knew. I was near tears, about to lose my sanity, and absolutely certain I would never forget that moment.

But then that night you snuggled up to me while I sang you a song. I felt your breathing and I kissed your head and I forgot. Just like that, I forgot.

There were sicknesses that kept us up all night long. There was cleaning out puke bowls and brushing the sweaty hair off of your forehead. There was holding you when you woke up screaming with Hand, Foot, and Mouth. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and I knew I would remember those nights for the rest of my life.

But I didn’t. I forgot.

The other day you were fighting me on absolutely everything. You argued every decision I made. You rolled your eyes and you stormed to your room. I could feel my stress level rising till I felt I might just scream or cry. I planned to vent to your dad when he got home because I was so frustrated.

But by the time he got home we were snuggled up on the couch reading books and I’d already forgotten.

A mother’s love is something special. It’s the kind of love that forgets every pain, whether it’s the pain in our uterus or the pain in the butt you’re being with that attitude.

I will always forget everything you’ve done wrong and every mistake you’ve made. I’ll always forget how mad I was at you for those five minutes, but I will never ever forget how much I adore you. I will never ever forget the gold and magic I see inside you; you can count on that.”

Courtesy Jess Marie

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