‘If people had hearts like dogs, we would be better humans.’

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“If people had hearts like dogs…

We would be better humans.

We would relax more.

We would take up space without guilt.

We would love ‘our people’ unconditionally.

Nicole Merritt of Jthreenme

We would find and fill empty spaces in rooms and hearts.

We would offer up nonjudgmental support.

We would lift people’s spirits at every opportunity.We would goof-off more often.

We would would rock at silent devoted companionship.

Nicole Merritt of Jthreenme

We would forgive human err immediately;

We would be genuinely optimistic.

We would love others, more than ourselves.

Quite simply, if people had hearts like dogs, the world would be a much kinder and better place.”

Nicole Merritt of Jthreenme

This story was submitted to Love What Matters by Nicole Merritt of Jthreenme, where the post originally appeared. You can follow her on Facebook, her website or podcast

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