Instead Of Worrying About How A Mother Feeds Her Baby, Support Her

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Breastfeeding is complicated. ⁣

It’s another instance of a woman being told what to do with her body and then shaming her no matter what she decides. ⁣

It’s not being given another option when baby is born but then also not offered adequate support.⁣

It’s telling mom, ‘Breast is best’ and then telling them they should stop when their child is ‘too old for that now.’

Mom sits in a wooden rocking chair while she breastfeeds her toddler
Courtesy of Jenny Purdy

I’ve known moms who breastfed for 2 days and moms who nursed for 3 years. I know moms who chose to formula feed from birth. I know moms who drove themselves to the brink of insanity and were drowning in depression trying to breastfeed.⁣

I myself suffered for months with severe postpartum depression because I didn’t want to start medication and jeopardize breastfeeding.⁣

Our society and conditioning will always prioritize baby over mom, ignoring the fact that if mom isn’t okay, baby won’t be either.

Even now, my 2.5 year old and I are nearing the end of our breastfeeding journey and I am still filled with conflicting feelings. ⁣

Mom breastfeeds her newborn in their nursery while reading her toddler a book
Courtesy of Jenny Purdy

Feeling torn between wanting my body back and a semblance of freedom while also feeling guilty if I wean her before she’s ready. ⁣

Some days I dread nursing her before nap or bed – I will literally bristle when she latches.⁣

Other days she wants her daddy to put her to bed with ‘milk in a cup’ and I stand on the other side of the door feeling like I was punched in the gut. ⁣

All of this to say, yeah, breastfeeding is complicated. Even for someone like myself who has had a relatively ‘easy’ time.⁣

Little toddler with wavy brown hair cuddles up to their mom while breastfeeding
Courtesy of Jenny Purdy

Maybe instead of worrying about how or why or where a mother feeds her baby we ask how we can support her. We give her options so she can make informed choices. We ask if she’s okay.⁣

And maybe we just mind our own damn business, whether a mom whips out a boob to nurse her toddler or a bottle to feed her newborn.”

Mom of two breastfeeds her young child while sitting in the car
Courtesy of Jenny Purdy

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