‘You think you’re tired now? Just wait.’ Can we drop the ‘I’m more tired than you’ act and just lift each other up? I’m sick of this motherhood competition.’: Mom urges ‘just wait mama, it only gets better’

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“I am sick of this motherhood competition.

Dear excited pregnant mom, you think you’re tired now…just wait.

Just wait until your baby won’t sleep, your nipples will ache, it will hurt to sit down, and you and your husband will fight a lot more than usual.

Just wait…you will probably get depressed, you’ll never get your body back, your house will always be a disaster, and your social life with disappear.

Can someone tell me why this is the basic ‘welcome to motherhood’ letter that is being sent out? I received it. Many of my friends did. I suspect you did too.

Where are the good things?

Why did no one tell me I would cry tears of joy the first time Jacob laughed? That together my husband and I would find a new rhythm and becoming parents would reveal new strength we didn’t know we had?

Where was the mom to tell me that toddlers will stop mid activity to give you a slobber kiss because they were apparently thinking of how much they love you in that little brain?

Why did I struggle for months to simply just accept that I LIKED breastfeeding and being the only one to be able to calm my baby? Why am I made to feel like I’m doing it wrong because I enjoy it?

Can we drop the ‘I’m more tired than you’ act and just lift each other up?

Dear new pregnant mom…you just wait.

Wait until you look into their eyes for the first time and feel a whole new level of love.

Just wait until it’s 3 a.m. and you don’t even care that you’re awake because that new baby smell is totally intoxicating.

Wait until they say ‘mama.’

Wait until you see how good of a dad your husband will become.

Just wait until their personality blooms.

Just wait until you feel so much pride every time they meet a new milestone.

Mama just wait. It only gets better!”

Courtesy of Christine Rodd

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