LOOK CLOSELY: Can you tell the birthday cakes from the babies?

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“I already knew I wanted to do a cake smash with the girls, and I also had the idea to make them life-size cakes… so why not combine the two?!

The cakes took me around 100 to 120 hours to complete. I started with the heads which are made from a solid block of chocolate and covered in a molding chocolate, which I shaped to make their facial features. I’ve been making cakes for competitions for the last few years, so felt under a bit of pressure to make the girls an EPIC first birthday cake. This was what I came up with.

two babies in gold bows and pink tutus sitting on a table with birthday cake next to two cakes that look like real babies
Lara Mason

The girls are made from 44 eggs, 2.2kg of flour, butter and sugar, 4kg of chocolate and around 5kg of buttercream.

I started by building a frame, then stacked the six-inch round cakes on top and carved their shape. I covered them in a white chocolate ganache and then wrapped in fondant to resemble their outfits, which I had bought for the occasion.

two cakes that resemble real babies sit in between two infants in gold bow and pink tutu with cake on their face
Lara Mason
baby with birthday cake all over her crawls on table while baby in background points to banner saying, "we are one"
Lara Mason

The hair is made from pulled sugar, so it took a long time to get right as I had to pull each hair individually!

infant girl touches arm of cake that looks like her while other infant looks at two cakes with pink and white roses on it
Lara Mason

The burns were worth it haha!

We have had a fantastic reaction, and the girls really enjoyed themselves during our little photo shoot. I’ll be cleaning buttercream out of the floorboards for months but I reckon it was 100 percent worth it.

cakes that look like real girls sit on floor with birthday cake in front of them with banner behind them saying, "we are one"
Lara Mason

Cake Smash? SMASHED IT! Definitely a first birthday to remember!”

infant girl crawling on ground with cake all over her face with another infant eating cake in background
Lara Mason

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