‘Make sure your kids have a schedule. But let them be kids. Homeschool. You don’t need to homeschool. Teach them life lessons instead. And common core.’: Woman candidly shares reality of mixed messages during pandemic

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“Relax, mom.

Relax. Just stay home. Except if you need to work. There’s no childcare though. Why would you risk it? Don’t worry about money, your health is more important than your groceries. You can defer mortgage payments. But you shouldn’t because it’s not a good financial choice. You should stay home, though. Unless you’re essential, we need you to work. How could you put your kids at risk though? You should stay home. But keep paying your bills.

Relax. You can just order groceries. Except if you can’t, then go out to get them. Not often though. Don’t go out much. Except it takes 5 stores to find bread. Don’t forget to wash everything you buy. Just eat what you have at home. But also use this time to do lots of cooking with new recipes. Don’t overeat though, be healthy.

Relax. Take vitamins. Keep up the immune system with lots of vegetables. But you shouldn’t go out for vegetables, just stock up on pantry and non perishables. Only the healthy ones though. It’s okay, we are all stressed, treat yourself to some junk food. Not too much. You need to be healthy and fit in your jeans.

Relax. Get exercise, it will help. Drink more water. Just have a glass of wine. Go for walks. Take naps. Keep a schedule. Work from home. But spend more time with your kids. Use this time to get in shape. Don’t stress over it though. Be easy on yourself. Accomplish something new.

Relax. Don’t touch anything. Disinfect everything. Use this time to clean the house. Stop touching your face. Scrub every surface all day. Ensure your toddler practices social distancing. Don’t worry them, though. Wash your hands for 20 seconds. And again. And now all the kids, too. And again. Why did you even bring them outside? Keep them home. Except you’ll need food. Remember all those new recipes you have time to try.

Relax. Make sure your kids have a schedule. But don’t worry, let them be kids. You can homeschool. You don’t need to homeschool, you’re trying too hard, they’ll be fine if they don’t learn. They still need to graduate this year though so make sure they keep up with school work. It will be fine, don’t push them. Let them enjoy home life. Teach them life lessons. And common core. They’ll remember the good times, so don’t worry them and create positive memories.

Relax. Don’t watch the news. Make sure you’re informed. Keep off social media. Stay connected. Try and focus on the positive. But be sure you know how serious it is. Don’t worry needlessly. Don’t take it too lightly. Don’t let the kids see your fear. Don’t bottle things up.

Relax. Don’t hoard. Do you have enough supplies for your family? What if they get sick, do you have medicine? What if you have to isolate, will you be able to feed the kids for two weeks? Don’t worry about it, though, just focus on now. But be prepared, otherwise you’re just being irresponsible.

Relax. Is that a cough? Does your kid feel hot? Is the tightness in your chest anxiety or the virus? Just breathe. But don’t be irresponsible. Stay home if you feel sick. That’s not sickness that’s your fear. Don’t let your kids outside. Don’t leave them home if you go out. Give them fresh air. Keep them home.

Relax. Someone else has it worse. You can’t complain. Learn meditation. Learn a new language. Learn to relax.
But not too much, because these are scary times.

It’s easy.
It will be fine.

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