‘My husband owed the store 53 cents. The cashier reached into her pocket and said, ‘Nope. It’s okay. I’ve got this.’: Woman details stranger’s act of kindness, ‘There is no act too small this week’

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“The week ahead is a big one, but instead of me talking about it, I decided to post a picture of these bananas. Here’s why:

A few days ago, we were headed to our daughter’s last cross-country meet. She likes to eat a banana before she runs, but forgot her banana back at her school. She asked if we could stop at the store to get one.

My husband, Scott, went to the store, ran in, and picked up a couple of bananas. He took them to the cashier, who said he owed the store exactly 53 cents.

Scott opened his wallet, but he had only a credit card and a large bill the cashier didn’t want to break. Scott said he would run out to the car to get some change from me, but the cashier said, ‘Nope. It’s okay. I’ve got this.’

Then she reached into her pocket and pulled out exactly 53 cents in change.

And Scott walked out with the paid-for bananas.

Here’s why this story is important this week. There are kind and compassionate people everywhere. Even if they don’t vote like you. Worship like you. Live like you. Behave like you.

I know 53 cents doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. But she could have just rolled her eyes at my husband, clenched her jaw, and demanded he get the change.

But she didn’t. She reached into her own pocket.

Maybe you think I’m a simple-minded person, or overly optimistic, but I think when it comes down to it, being good to one another is what’s going to keep us all moving forward in times like these.

Every act of kindness, every smile, every kind word. There is no act too small as we share this place called Planet Earth.

There’s a good chance people in our neighborhoods, our churches, our workplaces, and even our own families won’t vote exactly like we do. We have a choice on how we move forward this week — with kindness or with hatred.

I will choose kindness.”

Courtesy of Jennifer Dukes Lee

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