‘I know why you work odd jobs, come home late at night. You suspect I have no idea. I won’t lie and say I didn’t think you found someone else to love.’: Woman tells husband ‘it’s okay to not be the breadwinner’

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“Dear husband,

I know.

I know why you spend every Saturday working odd jobs.

I know why you come in late most nights from work.

I know why you don’t join us for family outings or invites to birthday parties.

I know, even though I suspect you think I have no idea.

I won’t lie and tell you that I didn’t think you would just rather be anywhere but here with us.

I won’t even say that I didn’t for a second think you had found someone else to love.

But now I know why.

I know, and it is okay.

You have always struggled with not being the main breadwinner.

You have taken heat from your family, and even friends, about not being the stereotypical working man who brings home all the money his family needs.

The truth is that for years now, I have supported us financially–and without realizing it–I put you in a position for criticism.

And even though I can tell you that it isn’t important, or that your expectations of yourself are antiquated and you should work to accept your reality, I know that it won’t change the way you feel.

So, it is okay.

If you need to work more, then work more.

If you need it to feel happy, then do it.

Just don’t do it because you think I need it to be happy, because the truth is I am happy with us.

I am happy with our family and how we work, and no one else’s opinion is ever going to change that.

We love you.


You wife and daughters”

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