‘She stands with me on the ledge, not above it. She watches the kids so I can do a Target run. She’s the door I never have to knock on.’: Woman shares ode to best friend

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“There’s someone I need more than my husband.

My husband indulges my dramatic stories,
But she’ll ask me to tell it again.

He knows what I want in my future.
But she knows all the secrets of my past.

We all need someone who will talk you back into the house,
when you swear you’re going to leave it.

That’s who she is for me, and I need her.

She stands with me on the ledge,
not above it.

She watches the kids so I can do a Target run.

She’s the door you never have to knock on,
She’s 10 calls in 5 minutes.

Every mom needs someone outside of the family crazy,

who can tell you it’s not that crazy.

Someone who makes coffee shops feel like ladies night,
and chips and salsa feel like a getaway.

We need a partner for Netflix binges,
and recipe fails.

Someone who tells you that
you are smart enough to go back to school,
strong enough to stay home,
and boss enough to quit.

We need someone to screenshot old photos from high school,
and who will burn all the evidence.

She’s the one who I psychoanalyze all my exes with,

Who will walk the block with me in prayer.

Marriage is wonderful,
parenthood is a blessing,

But a friendship that spans that entire journey will give you perspective nothing else quite can.

There’s someone I need more than my husband.

And I think it’s okay to say that.”

Courtesy of @imthatwife

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