‘You’re making me cry at work!’: Starbucks barista learns sister is cancer-free in sweetest way

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There’s never a bad time to get amazing, life-altering news! In one of the sweetest videos we’ve seen in ages, a mom goes through the drive-thru of her local Starbucks to spread some joy. It turns out that her daughter Emily is working the drive-thru that day, so she pulls up and starts rattling off a long, rather complicated latte order. Suddenly, she slips in some incredible news. She just received word that Emily’s 13-year-old sister is officially cancer-free!

“Really?!” Emily cries. “Really?” She immediately tears up, and let’s be honest, so do we! We don’t have to know the whole backstory to know that cancer treatments are grueling, and we’re so glad her sister will be able to conquer the disease and move forward with her life.

We can feel the love between these sisters, and it’s a beautiful thing.

@emilylorraineee Finding out my 13 year old sister is cancer free at work @Starbucks #childhoodcancer #cancer #leukemia ♬ original sound – Emily Mejia

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