‘Excuse me, I don’t mean to scare you but I just recently had a stroke. Do you think you could go in here and buy me lunch?’: Man shares touching realization we’re ‘placed where we’re supposed to be’

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“It was a beautiful sunny Monday afternoon in November and I decided to go grab a coffee from Starbucks (which I rarely do, especially in the middle of the day).

So I leave work (also keep in mind this job is a new position and is at a further away location than usual).

I drive up to the Giant where the Starbucks is inside and parked.

As I’m walking up I noticed a man outside (Joe) the entrance I’m walking towards.

At first, I thought he was waiting on someone to come out, but instead, Joe was waiting on his next meal to walk in…

As I approach he leans up from the pole he’s against and says, ‘Excuse me, I don’t mean to scare you but do you think you could go in here and buy me lunch, or over there at the McDonald’s and buy me a meal? I just recently had a stroke so I’m not too good at standing up on my own all the time, that’s why I’m leaning on this pole here.’

I said to Joe, ‘Let me go in here and grab a cup of coffee and I’ll go to McDonald’s and buy you anything you want Joe!’

He got a smile on his face and said, ‘Well alright then, that’ll be alright!’

So I went inside to place my coffee order and waited.

coffee that man ordered that let him meet the man he bought a meal for
Courtesy of Steve Atkins

I can see Joe through the window, and I watched people walk in and walk around and past him as if to avoid his presence.

I got my coffee and walked back outside and asked Joe, ‘So did you decide on what you want from McDonald’s?’

‘Well yes, I’d like a nugget meal.’

‘Okay Joe, and what do you want to drink?’

He chuckles and says, ‘Heck I don’t know, surprise me!’

I said, ‘Okay I will, I’ll be right back.’

So I drove over to McDonald’s and placed the order.

As I’m leaving the drive-thru and headed back over to the Giant where Joe was just people observing and waiting on me with his lunch, it hit me.

I didn’t need coffee. After all, did I really ever have it in the middle of the day?

I needed ‘coffee’ so Joe could have what was possibly his only chance at lunch, and possibly his only meal that day.

I drove over and pulled up at the curb where he was and rolled down my window and said, ‘Joe, enjoy your lunch today.’

With a smile he said, ‘Thank you so much!’

I walked into the Giant and sat down at the same Starbucks table where I got my coffee and started eating.

I don’t write this for applause or gratitude, God knows the position of my heart.

My question for you is this…

How many times have you thought, well why would I go do blank or got get blank?

The Lord determines our footsteps, we only need to be still and listen.

Just because it doesn’t sound logical or rational to you, doesn’t mean it’s for you.

God places us where we’re supposed to be when we’re supposed to be.

If we try to rationalize it, we’d come up with a thousand reasons not to go.

I believe God knew I didn’t need the coffee, but that Joe needed to eat that day, and I was his meal ticket.

Because don’t we know, God always provides a way.

Thank you Joe for blessing my day.”

receipt of meal for a man who needed it given by a man buying coffee
Courtesy of Steve Atkins

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