‘Women stepped up to let strangers know they’re NOT alone. We support, believe, and love you.’: Charity ‘Handmade Especially For You’ partners with crocheters to create scarves for women escaping abuse

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“Getting out of an abusive environment is incredibly challenging. But there are a few things that help women find the help they need. Community. Support. Love. That’s where Handmade Especially for You comes in. Handmade crochets comfort scarves and distributes them to shelters for abused women. Helping with materials and supporters is the compassionate crafting community, Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club.Handmade, pink scarf

Since 2008, Handmade has created 149,144 comfort scarves and shipped them to 70+ shelters throughout California. ‘We believe every woman who flees her abusive environment deserves a comfort scarf.’ But they don’t just believe it, they live and breathe it.

This commitment to compassion from Handmade Especially for You and Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club has helped thousands of women find strength. Strength to leave an abusive situation and to get the help they need. Women have stepped up to help strangers in need. To let them know they’re not alone. There is a community of women who support, believe, and love you.

It is this very support that provides women with the self-esteem to leave abusive situations. And when a woman makes the choice to leave that environment? ‘It is really life changing when she makes that momentous decision.’

Annie’s participants come from all over the country. They are united by their desire to support women in need and to provide compassion in any way possible. Annie’s is proud to support these brave and strong women alongside an extraordinary organization in Handmade Especially for You.”woman wearing pink, handmade scarf

Support Handmade Especially for You and Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club.

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